My Favorite Links/Resources



My Favorite Books

The Paleo Solution– Another book that I have read. Robb Wolf is another great author who speaks about paleo.  He basically says give it 30 days and see what happens. He too does uses background and research to back up his findings.

The Primal Blueprint– This was the very first paleo book I read. It really opened my eyes and quite frankly scared me. Mark Sisson does a fantastic job of using research and background to explain in a way that I could understand his reasoning. After reading this book, I started paleo.

It Starts with Food– Dallas and Melissa Hartwig are the reason why I have conquered Whole 30 not once but twice. I never EVER in a million years thought I could give up sugar for 30 days. But, I am proud to say that I did!! This book along with my experience inspired me to start a whole 30 group and face book page. I have 110 members on my face book page. This is just proof that I enjoy helping others become healthy:)

Wheat Belly– William Davis is the author of this book. I am in the process of reading this one. So far it’s a great book to learn the history of wheat.

Good Reads

10 Disturbing Reasons why Sugar is bad for you– most addicting drug on this planet to name one reason

10 Rules of Successful Exercise– How to make exercise meaningful, fun and reachable goals.

10 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil– From health to sunscreen…

Advantages of Almond butter– Almond butter is really better for you than peanut butter.

The Definitive Guide to the Primal Eating plan– The hows and whys of paleo by Mark Sisson.

Gelatin– Good read on what gelatin does for your body and why it is important for you.

Paleo 3.0 (The Evolution of the Paleo Diet)– Great read on how the paleo diet has evolved.

The Basics of Losing Stored Body Fat– By James Barnum from Eat to Perform

Dairy: 6 Reasons you should avoid it at all costs– Dr. Mark Hyman gives facts about diary and why you should not consume any. Heart disease, irritable bowl syndrome, allergies just to name a few.

The Foundation is Nutrition– Nicole Carroll and Coach Greg Glassman of Crossfit discuss how to optimize your performance in the gym.

Is Peanut Butter Healthy?– Step away from the peanut butter…

Motivational clip-  Great 2 minute clip to get motivated:)

Paleo and traveling tips– Travel a lot? Here are some great tips on how to stay paleo while traveling.

Soft Drinks and Disease– Watch Dr. Walter Wilett (3:04) explains why sugary drinks are not healthy and what you can do to substitute. Learn how drinking sugary drinks impedes our desire to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Favorite these babies..

How to Take a Detox Bath– Do this once a week to detox!– Information on herbs.

Mark’s Daily AppleThe guru of paleo!

Mobility Wod– This web page is just simply amazing! Do you ever feel pain? Well, have you ever worked out..then your answer will probably be yes.  There are a ton of videos for every muscle in your body..even the ones you didn’t think you had. The coaches do an excellent job of explaining why certain muscles may be hurting and they show you how to do the stretch. Download the app on your phone! Love it!

Sneaky Sugars– A list of sneaky sugars by Whole30

What is the paleo dietGreat explanation of what the paleo diet is all about.

Whole 30– Great place to download everything you need to complete whole 30.

Whole30 what to expect This has a great timeline of what to expect your body to go through while experiences whole30 or even any kind of cleanse for that matter:)

The Zone Diet– Learn what the zone diet is, how to determine your block amounts, and meal plans to follow.

The Ultimate Paleo Guide– List of foods you CAN eat on the paleo plan! Also an App to download!


 Bolder Band So far I have found these to work really well when I am working out:) I also like to wear them for everyday.

Priority Crossfit– This is where I thoroughly enjoy working out!

18 Genius things to do with tea bags– Gardens, odor control, bad breath…etc


Full Knee Range Part One- Kelly Starrett explaining how to help with knee pain

Full Knee Range Part Two-  Kelly Starrett explaining how to help with knee pain

Full Knee Range Part Three-  Kelly Starrett explaining how to help with knee pain

Hip Mobility– U-tube on how to relax your hip and lower back and hamstrings.

Hamsrtings– u-tube on a great hamstring stretch with Got Function.

Hamstring– Kelly Starrett “Simple Recipe for Back Pain”

Hamstring– Kelly Starrett “Hammer Your High Hammy”

Knee pain– Kelly Starrett explaining multiple stretches for knee pain

Lower Extremity Basics Kelly Starrett explaining a good stretch routine for the lower body.

Upper Body Basics Kelly Starrett explaining a good stretch list of the upper body.

Mobility Wod– Free u-tube videos with Kelly Starrett

Scapula Mobility U-tube on some shoulder work.

Time savers/money savers

How to keep cut avocado for daysTrue tests on what works.

How to shred chicken breast in seconds U-tube video on shredding chicken breasts with a blender!




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