What I Will Do for You

Myriah-pics-062-shiroTo build a strong foundation I require meeting once a week for 4 weeks. Each meeting will be 1 hour in length.  After the initial 4 weeks, we will discuss further goals and meetings.


Building your foundation

Once a week for 4 weeks

$199.00- This is a 40 dollar saving!

(payment due at first session)


Weekly consultation agenda will depend on YOUR needs, the following is one example:


1st meeting

Initial measurements

Health history

Current food log

Goals: short term and long term

Current exercise schedule


2nd meeting

Food plan/ recipes

Access to helpful resources

Education on food labels

Exercise plan that best fits your lifestyle

Food log update

Goals check


3rd meeting

Nutrition lessons which may include but not limited to how to make better choices in social gatherings, eating out, or traveling.

Discussion on supplements and vitamins.

Revisit goals: Are we on track? What else needs to happen to reach your goals?


4th meeting


Goal check up

Future plans


Keeping the foundation

$60/hour or $216.00/ 4 weeks ( 10% savings  )

Depending on goals: whatever you need to get back on track or to stay on track. This could be and is not limited to:  providing you with the latest health education, additional yummy recipes, resources such as suggesting a specific article to read, a book to read, a new website to add to your list, providing you motivation, revisiting how to read labels, or revisiting your measurements. Whatever you need to keep your foundation in check we will do.


Other services available for $60/hour

Grocery store walk through

A healthy kitchen makeover

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