The 3oth day!!



YOU DID IT! For those of you who chose to do whole30 30 days ago…today opens a new door for you! Tomorrow you will start to introduce dairy (or whatever you want to start introducing it doesn’t really matter just make sure you only introduce it for one day and get back at whole 30 the next 2 days so that you can see what it does to your body). For a refresher on how that process all works read my Keep at it! blog 🙂

You killed the sugar dragon! 

The cravings are pretty much gone!

Your friends and family are seeing a difference in your eating habits as well as the way you look! 

Your clothes fit or maybe just fall off of you!

Your energy level is getting back or may even be through the roof!

The gym has become a new bound amazing and fun place!

Your relationship with food is healthy!

You have created wonderful and healthy habits!

Your friends and family enjoy being around you more because you are just happier!





Tiger Blood


Wow… it has been 21 days since January first and 17 days since the health4soul4life challenge began! Your first week is done! You are over the “This kinda sucks stage”…and the “I just want to give up stage”….and now you are on the “Tiger Blood” stage. This is the stage that is different for every one person. My “Tiger Blood” is the energy I found at the gym. That extra pull-up I can do and the extra ring dip I can now do (yeah me.. ring muscle up next …maybe… hmmm….anyway….). Dallas and Melissa Hartwig say it perfectly It doesn’t mean things are perfect (or even easy), but you’re proving to yourself that you can do this, things are getting better, and you’re seeing improvements (small or large) almost daily.” PLEASE remember that every one is different. Every BODY feels the tiger blood differently. Just like Dallas and Melissa say, “Don’t stress about whether you’re feeling honest-to-goodness “Tiger Blood”—be patient, and be on the lookout for small, gradual improvements to keep you motivated. Slow and steady still wins this race.”  Like I have said through out this challenge, Dallas and Melissa are referring to whole30, but I believe that any time you are detoxing or changing your nutrition you are going through these changes! Hang in there, be patient and believe in yourself!! 

Until next time…let me hear your Tiger Roar!! 

Cat nap anyone?


It’s the 11 day of the new ycat-340097_1280ear, how are your New Year’s resolutions going? The newness wear off a little bit? You are back at work and the treats are staring you in the face, you really want to stop at McDonald’s for your breakfast like you did “last year”. You want to order pizza because it is quick and easy. “This crap is hard” you say… NO… FIGHTING CANCER IS HARD! (I got that from It all Begins with Food btw!). This is so true! It only seems hard to you because it is a habit you must break. Habits are not easy to break especially if you don’t know what it is like on the other side. Or if you have had this bad habit for most of your life. It WILL be worth it!! You may have a bad day every once in awhile, but pick yourself back up and quit feeling bad for yourself and get back on the train buttercup! My favorite saying ever.. “Suck it up Buttercup”! Take one day at a time, be prepared and don’t give up! Enjoy all the little successes that you have made this far!

You may be feeling like you want to kill all things! Yep, it’s true. You may just have been a little irritated this week. Here is a funny story for you. I teach a classroom of 30 6th graders. My co-worker asked me on Friday if I thought this was the longest week ever. Surprisingly I said no. But, I quickly changed my mind toward the end of my Friday. Wowzer…yes I got a little irritated at not only my 6th graders but also some co-workers. But, luckily I work with kids who enjoy my room and co-workers who are forgiving! Just simply ask your loved ones for forgiveness:) It WILL be ok!

The 6th day of my paleo happiness, was yesterday, which was a Saturday morning for me in which I had every intention of going to the gym at 8:00 AM wanting to get up at 7:00 AM. I accidentally set my alarm for Wednesday at 7:00 AM rather than Saturday. Don’t ask how that happened! I do admit I woke up very groggily at like 7:15 AM and wondered why my alarm clock didn’t go off. In between that short thought process I fell back asleep. I was pretty tired! But, the good thing is that I woke up refreshed and ready for my Saturday at like 9:00AM! Does that sound familiar? You just wanted to crawl on the floor while your students were at PE and take a nap like me? No worries… it is normal. “Your body is learning that it can’t rely on all those easy access energy sources it use to know and love”,  says Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. Want some more helpful information on health related goodness? Click herto see my favorite health resources. 

Until next time… take that nap and wake up feeling refreshed! 



The Hangover


Any time you change your nutrition plan, always keep in mind a few important facts (especially if you are cutting out dairy, wheat, legumes and gluten which is paleo, whole 30 or primal).

What you may be feeling:

1. Your body is going through changes. Remember when you knew you were going on this “diet” and you loaded up with all those amazing and wonderful foods that you just knew you HAD to have because you thought you would NEVER have them again? Well, depending on how much you chose to indulge  in depends on how crappy you will be feeling in the next few days.

2. Headaches, fatigue, and general malaise during this part of the program (especially whole30) is completely normal. Your body is wanting to use sugar for energy rather than the good stuff. You can do this!

3. Everyone goes through this phase at a different rate. Some may take longer than others.  It really depends on how much of the poisons you consumed prior to your new you!

What can you do to overcome this stage:

1. Drink water, tea, a cup of coffee:)

2. Get plenty of rest.

3. Make sure to have your refrigerator FULL of healthy foods that you can grab when hungry.

4. To get your mind off of the slump read up on whole30. This is a really good resource that explains what you may be going through while detoxing your body. I also believe that it is true if you are detoxing your body with paleo and primal as well:) Click here for that information.

My two cents:

Think about why you are doing this? In my opinion you should be doing this for YOU and only YOU. Your family, friends, or a loved one or a challenge for that matter, should only be a helpful motivator for you. You are doing this for you because you want to live, be healthy, and no what it is like to live a healthy life style. Once you do my friends, I promise you, you will not want to go back!!!

Until next time…keep that chin up and stay strong!



Manic Monday…where Magic begins…


Happy Monday and Happy Beginning to the new YOU! Remember yesterday I blogged how Monday’s seem to be the magical day to start something new? Well, today is THE day!! I am giving a shout out to my friend’s at Priority Crossfit that have decided to take THE challenge. My challenge for them was to choose a healthy eating plan that works best for them and stick to it for the next 2 months. They were given the choice of whole30, paleo, primal or whatever else they feel necessary to help them live a healthier life style. I look forward to working with them and blogging about all sorts of motivation tips, recipes, and any other healthy ideas that I can get my fingers on that will help YOU and everyone!  

Until next time…Make this Monday a Manic Monday! (I think that just aged me…:( …)