Manic Monday…where Magic begins…


Happy Monday and Happy Beginning to the new YOU! Remember yesterday I blogged how Monday’s seem to be the magical day to start something new? Well, today is THE day!! I am giving a shout out to my friend’s at Priority Crossfit that have decided to take THE challenge. My challenge for them was to choose a healthy eating plan that works best for them and stick to it for the next 2 months. They were given the choice of whole30, paleo, primal or whatever else they feel necessary to help them live a healthier life style. I look forward to working with them and blogging about all sorts of motivation tips, recipes, and any other healthy ideas that I can get my fingers on that will help YOU and everyone!  

Until next time…Make this Monday a Manic Monday! (I think that just aged me…:( …) 



Become a lean machine this year!

fruit-356519_1280 (1)

To start off the new year, let’s become lean machines! So I guess, the best day to start a health plan is on Monday (I guess there is just something magical about Mondays) ! So gear up gang, tomorrow is Monday and I challenge you to start a new you! Make a decision…are you going to do the Whole 30 challenge and detox your body and feel the best you have ever felt in years! How about doing a little Paleo or Primal? None of those are for you? What about just getting off your butte and stop eating your evening chips and ice cream at night? Start small or go all in…but do SOMETHING every day that makes a healthier you!!!

Need some recipes? Click my ” Ridiculously Yummy Recipes” tab. Would like to find some new websites and resources? Click my “My Favorite Links/Resources” tab. Want some individual guidance? Email me at and I will be glad to help!

Get this year started on the right foot!

Until next time… choose a nutrition plan that works for you!

Focus on what’s close at hand, but keep everything in view..


Focus on what’s close at hand, but keep everything in view

New month, new goals, new view:) I am going to change things up a bit this month. Instead of having a challenge for you, I am going to be focusing on articles, recipes and all around health.

How about to start off with some Oven Baked-sweet potatoes to warm us up!

Until next time…keep focusing on your goals, look back at how far you have come already:)

Fall into a good healthy you:)



Fall into a good healthy change! Look back at your September goals. Write down what you have accomplished. If it’s a little bit or a lot..congratulate yourself:)

October is in 2 days. Fall is always a good time to change things up a little bit. Weather, trees, animals, and even you can make a change. Make October your month to see results that you have always wanted to see. Don’t wait until the new year to make your New Year’s resolution. Make October your month.

Take time to read this great article about The Downside of Routine and how it’s healthy to change things up a bit. 

Keep checking back for yummy recipes, good articles, time saving research and just all around good stuff:)

Until next time…change it up a little bit and see where life takes you:)

Ask yourself…

A quick reminder….

September goal: Make a healthier YOU by cutting down on your favorite non-healthy food!

Ask yourself:

1. Have I cut down? HONESTLY-have I cut down?

2. What healthy foods do I enjoy? Eat more of them:)

3. If I honestly have cut down ask yourself this question: Do I feel better?

4. If you have not cut down ask yourself this question: Do I feel any better? What is the reason behind not cutting back? Why do I feel like I MUST have this food all the time? I am not saying to take this food totally out of your diet for the rest of your life (unless it is something that is making you really unhealthy). I am asking you to cut down on it to make you a healthier person. 

To help try these strategies:

1. Honesty…It’s a virtue 🙂 

2. Enjoy the good foods that you answered to number 2! Eat more of those.

3.  Think: You feel better = others like to be around you= your family enjoys you= your co-workers enjoy you=your body enjoys you!

4.  Small steps= big progress. Take the food out from a meal, then work to a day, then a couple of days, then a week etc. Small steps are big steps. You got this!


Until next time…Stay strong!



Healthy decisions= healthier you!

Make a healthy decision every day that will make you a healthier person∼Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

I saw this quote from my favorite Crossfit gurl evar and it really hit home! I thought it was great advice and wanted to share it with my readers. It goes well with our challenge for the month∼cutting down on our favorite unhealthy food! You may not be completely cutting that particular food out, but simply making a better choice more often is making you a healthier you. My fault is lattes! I enjoy drinking them because they just make me smile. However, I also found that the Pumpkin Spice Latte has also made me smile even more because I know that it is so much better for me than my lattes that I buy at the coffee shop. Always remember that little things add up to a bigger success:) 

Speaking of having little successes lead to a bigger success…as you may have read in another one of my blogs, I make goals for myself each year, month and week.  I post them where I can see them often. One of my year-end goals is to achieve a ring muscle up at Priority Crossfit. To achieve that, I also created mini goals of what I need to do to achieve those lovely things.  One being ring dips.  I have been working on these ring dips or ring muscle up progressions if you will, since January. Most every day I have been at the gym, I have worked on some kind of work to help with the ring dips. Whether it be banded ring dips, handstand push ups, handstand holds, push-ups…whatever. Well, in July I was able to do 10 single ring dips unassisted. However, I don’t think at that time my shoulders completely touched the rings. So I continued working on them. I tried those 10 single ring dips again yesterday and I can honestly say that I can do a ring dip! It took me 9 months to achieve that goal, but the 15 minutes I stayed after became one big success! Now, onto the next mini goal: 10 unassisted ring dips in a row! Then onto the BIG goal…ring muscle ups!

Moral of my story….whether it be food or fitness…little success adds up to bigger success:)

Until next time…keep at your little goals..

Believe and it will be possible


How is your September goals coming along? What did you give up for a week? How did it make you feel? Were you surprised you could give it up for a week? You would be amazed at when you put your mind to something you can achieve it.

The mind is a very powerful muscle. When YOU believe you can do it then it WILL be possible. Think for a moment on nature around you. How do you think a tree grew, your garden, a drip of water that ended up being a puddle, or how a pile of sand formed? All of these forms of nature came about from something very small and held its ground to something beautiful.  Think of how that little seed became a big oak tree. It had to go through many, many tribulations to become a beautiful tree. This too is what you can do! You must have patience with yourself to break a habit. There will be days when you want to break, but don’t allow your mind to go down that path. If you have a bad day, oh well, get right back at it. Every second is a new second, every minute is a new minute, every hour and every day are new! 

Now that you are able to not eat your favorite food for a week, see if you can take it to a new level and take it out of your diet for 2 weeks:) Hey, you thought you couldn’t do it for a week and look what happened! 

Until next time….believe in yourself even if no one else does…