How to survive a healthy lifestyle change A.K.A a diet


  1. First apologize to all close family and friends that the first few weeks you may be a total #$%#$%%^. Why…because you are no longer going to eat all the process foods and crap that they eat which in turn is going to make you angry because you WANT to eat it because everyone else gets to, but you know that you shouldn’t and won’t.
  2. Expect to be exhausted! Yep, I know, but you are already tired. Well, sorry sister, but your body is so use to using sugar for energy that it can’t anymore. Deal with it! You will thank yourself later.
  3. For goodness sake…BE PREPARED!! Yes, take your whole Sunday and prepare your food. Yes, it’s going to take a good chunk of your Sunday (or whatever day you choose). But, I guarantee you will be much more successful during your crazy work week if you’re prepared. Usually I cook something in the crockpot, while something on the stove and in the meantime something in the oven. That is three meals per day for the week! Boom!
  4. Drink your water! And don’t just sip your water like you are drinking some delicious expensive hot tea. DRINK THE WATER! I have learned to drink 4 huge drinks each time I drink. Before ya know it, your first water bottle is gone! You will lose more weight, your skin will feel better, your breath will smell better, your organs will perform better and your exit system will be easier…(if ya get my drift).
  5. Take a good multi-vitamin and fish oil. Please do your research on this and don’t just choose the first one that you get your hands on. I believe in the Nutrilite products because I have done the research and know they are what they say they are.
  6. Have some almonds or protein bar with you at all times. There will be times when you are running late and you’re starving! You will be glad you have these handy.
  7. Eating out can be a bit tricky. First off, don’t go out to eat starving. If you can, eat something before you go. Order something grilled and with veggies. However, make sure to ask that the veggies are plain with nothing on them including butter etc. Because usually their butter is not just butter but other hidden ingredients. Side salads with dressing on the side is usually safe. Meat such as steak is usually safe, but again ask for it plain because they usually put some kind of sugary rub on it. Fish is a good idea….plain. Be careful of any salads besides a side salad because sometimes those even have hidden ingredients as well. Just be very mindful at what you are ordering and don’t be afraid to ask to have something specially made. Now-a-days with allergies and what not, asking for a “special order” is more common than you think.
  8. Have your mind set to begin with! If you are wishy washy about this new diet of yours…then your results will also be wishy washy!
  9. Get your schedule set! Exercise is very important to a healthy living lifestyle. Schedule in time for exercise. Just like you schedule in time for your favorite TV show or your child’s dance class, you can schedule in time for you to exercise.
  10. Write down your goals and how you are going to achieve each one. Make sure to be as specific as possible. Write down what your goal is (don’t make it too lofty that you can’t achieve it) and what you are going to do to achieve that goal. Do short term (within a month) and long term goals (with in 6 months or you could even do within a year). Here is a good blog on how to set goals if you want more info on this:) This one is good read too:)
  11. Post goals where you can see them every day! Revisit how you are doing with your goals and make necessary changes.
  12. Always keep in mind that failure leads to success! We all fail and get off the bandwagon, but use that as a learning experience and get right back at it. I would say this is probably the most important survival piece right here! Because a lot of people fail, and then they don’t know how to get back at it again. They feel like a failure and don’t realize that EVERYONE fails and in order to succeed you must learn from failure.
  13. SLEEP!! Nothing more to say to this than simply…SLEEP!
  14. Stretch...invest in a foam roller and a lacross ball. These will be your best friend!
  15. I will end with this one…always remember why you began this journey to begin with. I suggest you write it down and look at it every day. The newness wears off and the toughness will start to kick in and you will wonder why you even began this journey. This is the time to look back at why you began in the first place!


Unit next time…be the survivor!


How to pick a delicious pineapple:)

3 things I learned about a pineapple:



1) How to more effectively cut a pineapple:

  • I found a kitchen utensil that I am excited to use a lot more.  I was at HyVee and saw a pineapple cutter. It cost about 10 dollars. A lot of the reviews that I read said that it was worth it and have had it for 2 years. Another review said that the blades even after 2 years have not dulled. So I gave it a try. I must say that my review for this product is…..”it’s a must have kitchen utensil!” It was so easy to use and way less waste than when I cut the pineapple. Click here to reveal the best pineapple utensil ever (well in my opinion anyway..) and get it on ebay:)

2) How to pick a delicious pineapple:

  • Do the sniff test. If it smells like pineapple then it is a delicious pineapple:)

3) How else to pick a delicious pineapple:

  • If you can pull the leaves off easily it is also a sign of a ready to eat pineapple!

I have also read the following but have not tried the following to see if it works…

1. I found this on WikiHow

  • Avoid pineapples with wrinkled skin, reddish-brown skin, cracks or leaks, mold, or brown withering leaves.
  • Choose pineapples with healthy green leaves.
  • The shape should be well rounded and rounded eyes.

2. Whole Foods Market does a good explanation on how to pick a good pineapple. They say pretty much the same thing. Look at the leaves and make sure they are green and look for a firm shell. They also said that a green pineapple DOES NOT mean it is not ripe! This website also gives a good video on how to cut it and some good pineapple recipes:) Check it out here.

Until next time… eat fresh fruit!


How to get through a tough work out


“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

I couldn’t agree with this more! If there is a work out of the day (WOD) posted that includes rowing, running, ring dips, chest to bar pull ups, or heavy lifting I feel it is impossible to accomplish in a decent amount of time. These skills (believe me there are many more where those came from these are just a few that come to mind) in which I am weak. I think “This WOD is going to take a long time and I will be the last to finish.” First of all, I dislike very much being the last one, but it just happens. So once I get that out of my head then I begin to strategically think about how I am going to conquer the WOD. The following are some strategies that work for me and may work for you:

Top 10 strategies to get through a tough workout:)

1- When needed, take a 3 second break…this is equivalent to 3 breaths. No more…no less.. time is ticking:)

2- Do one more than you think you think can do. Keeping safe of course. If I am upside down in a handstand and I am doing handstand push-ups, and I can’t quite get that next one. Then I will stop because I don’t want to land on my head. 

3-Turn away from the clock. At Crossfit we base our scores on how fast we can do something or how many times we can do something in a given amount of time. Therefore, I turn my back to the clock if need be.

4- If I am doing chest to bar pull-ups- I turn to face the wall rather than facing the gym. This way I am concentrating on my pull-ups rather than noticing how many people are getting done before me.

5- If the WOD involves running, I want to be better at it. I pace myself with someone who I feel can challenge me, but yet not kill me at the end to not be able to finish the WOD. I have been doing that lately and I feel I am getting stronger in this area.

6- Rowing- Well…still working on that one… just being honest 😛

7- Ring dips and heavy weights …I scale. I don’t like to scale, but I also want to get the work out done in a timely manner. I also don’t want to hurt myself either:) There will be a time when I don’t have to scale!

8- After EVERY SINGLE wod I ask myself what is one thing that I can take away from that work out that went well. Doing that really ups my spirits. I use to get down on myself a lot for when I was the last one, or having to scale a skill, or so and so beating me all the time. I have learned that every single person has his/her weaknesses and strengths and life is so much better not comparing myself to someone else. I do feel it is good to have a little friendly competition, but only out of building strength in each other. 

9- With really long WODs…ya know the ones that take 45 minutes to complete…the ones that have like 50 push-ups, 50 pull-ups, run 2 miles, 50 air squats…etc. I break up the sets. For example, 5 sets of 10 or 10 sets of 5. Whatever my muscles can handle at the time. Sometimes even when I do that, my strategy changes through out the WOD because I thought I could do more.. or less for that matter:) 

10- For the WODS that are less than 10 minutes and high intensity…I just hammer it out. That is definitely where the 3 breath rule comes into play. There usually seems to be a skill that I feel can be my “breather” (it never really is, but it’s just a mind game for me). I use that skill to reset my mind for the tough skill. I think to myself, “I only have x amount of rounds or reps left.” Once I start the tough skill then I think “that’s 1 less, 2 less, 3 less.. etc” of course while thinking of shoulders back, tummy tight and all the other form ques I give myself:)

After using one or all of these strategies, the work out is DONE!! What I thought was impossible is now possible:)

Until next time…try one of the above to see if you have found yourself a new strategy:)



Ring Dips

roman-rings-25773_1280Every athlete has their strengths and weaknesses:) Their love for their sport and their nemesis:) I love Crossfit, but yes I have a nemesis… that would be ring dips.  Just in case there is anyone else out there that loves these as much as I do… I thought I would share a few videos that I found to be helpful in our adventure with loving them! 


Crossfit park- Ring Dips

Crossfit chamber -ring dips progressions

Techniques and tips to better your ring dips

Until next time…keep at your goals:)



Believe in yourself….

Believe that you can do it…..

Believe that you are worth it…

Believe that people see you as successful…

Believe that failure is only the stepping stone to success…

Believe that successful people did not just happen to come upon success, they earned it…

Believe that you will make a mistake, you are not perfect, but you will learn from that mistake…

Believe that you will achieve your dreams…

Believe that no one else is better than you…

Believe that life is how you see it…

Believe that you can change whatever you want to change in your life…

Believe that living a positive life will get you a positive life…

Believe that you can be whatever you want to be…


Until next time….believe in yourself…

Your road to success!

the-sun-470317_1280I have been thinking… I know scary right.. .but ya know… when I get to thinking you all benefit from it. So here is my thought…I know at least here in Iowa it is cold and we are all ready for spring. Which really is not that far away… March 20th to be exact. That is less than 1 month away! Then we all know that summer is shortly after spring! Summer comes shorts and swim suits. Think about it my friends….start today to get your body, mind and soul prepared for summer! Break it down, start now to create goals for March 20th. That’s only 20 days! Then create goals from the 20th to the end of the month! By that time, a month is already done and you have created some good habits. Do the same in April. Break up your month and before you know it summer will be here and your body, soul and mind will be ready for it! While everyone else is scared to wear their shorts you are all over showing off what you have created over the last few months! 

Get after your road to success! Create your goals one at a time! WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN! State the ACTION of how you are going to achieve your goal. State the DATE you are going to achieve that goal. Put the goal IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES every day! Click here to learn how to create your goals. For example, one of my goals it to achieve a ring muscle up. My action statement is to work on ring dips Monday and Thursday and work on strict pull ups Tuesday and Friday.I have a schedule that I got on line to follow.  My goal is to do this consistently for the month of March. I may have to do this for repeated months, but my end goal is to get 10 ring dips in a row and 10 strict pull ups in a row. I have gone through this progression schedule before. Due to this schedule I am able to do 3 ring dips in a row and 3 strict pull ups:) Therefore, I know it works so I need to keep after it:) Looking forward to more gains! 

If I have learned anything…it’s patience and determination. If you are a follower of mine, you know that I have been working on ring muscle ups for over a year now. I have gained a lot of strength and PR’d other skills during this process. So I know I am becoming stronger! I also know that I will not give up and will make this happen. I get frustrated, cry, and want to quit at times, but I will succeed! My goal was to get it done in a year, but I took that pressure off and I don’t have a date in mind. I am just going to follow the plan and have faith that getting 10 ring dips and 10 strict pull ups will allow me to get a ring muscle up because that’s what research suggests to do. Along with believing in myself! 

Until next time…Keep at your goals!

Your deepest fear is only in your imagination

stones-451329_1280 (1)

Our Deepest Fear

There are times in our lives when we just need to be motivated. Here is a motivational 2 minute clip that expresses how I feel when I help change the lives of others.  Sometimes I feel that I am in the shoes of Coach Carter and other times I feel that I am in the shoes of the player. Most of the time I feel I am in the shoes of the player for I feel that you all inspire me through your changes in your life which in turn motivates me to help others.  So like the player says, “Thank you”!

Until next time… Our Deepest Fear is only what you imagine…work through them…over come them.. and you will find so much peace beyond them…