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success-1433400_640Wow! How time flies when you’re having fun! A little update on my goals and life! My boyfriend is safely overseas and doing well. I am very proud of him for becoming Pilot in Command! What a great accomplishment. He is such a smart, intelligent, kind, and loving human being. My beautifully designed classroom is doing fabulous! I love walking into my classroom everyday! It is so wonderful! 

I am sure you are all wondering how my health goals are going. It was a slow process. Let me explain why. In October I had a virus of the colon.  It was NOT fun! I knew something was wrong, for about a month. I decided to go to the doc. Glad I did. The unfortunate part was that at any given time I had to use the restroom, if you know what I mean 😦 So working out…well…ya know. Then I was on some medication to get rid of the virus. This lovely medication made me lose my appetite so I had no energy to work out:( Then when I got my appetite back, I was so scared to get up in the morning and have a BM emergency in the morning while working out. Therefore, I problem solved. I set my alarm clock for 420 am. I conditioned my body to wake up. I did this for 2 weeks. I was still so scared to go to the gym in the morning. I mean how embarrassing would that be ….to have to use the restroom in the middle of the WOD! Plus, I was NOT a morning person either.  However, I had to get there in the morning, because even going after work was sporadic. One Thursday at the gym I was talking to one of my friends. I must say that God works in mysteries ways.  She too was wanting to go to the gym in the am. She felt the same way I did about getting up in the mornings. We both were NOT morning people. So we made a promise to each other to be at the gym at 500 am! It worked!! Her and I are now 5amers at the gym! (Disclaimer: I am on my winter break so I have NOT been to the gym at 5 am….sorry…..that is NOT happening over my break! )

I believe some goals can be taken one step at a time while others just get after them. This particular goal for me, worked best if I took it one step at a time. Therefor, my first goal was to get to the gym at 5am. My next goal is nailing the nutrition. What a great time after the holidays! Wowzer! Don’t get me wrong, my nutrition wasn’t horrible… but I sure need a clean up! So, like everyone else in this world, the first of the new year is cleaning up the nutrition. “That’s what everyone says” you say. Well, here is the difference between me and “everyone else” in the world: The best part of this goal for me, is that I know I will achieve it! Why because I know how to achieve my goal. I understand myself. I understand that I am human. I understand that I make mistakes and know that I will slip up and not be perfect.  I understand that this time of year I always enjoy the holiday probably a little too much! BUT, I also understand that this girl needs that to recharge herself and well-being.  Due to knowing all that about myself, I will achieve my goal! 

For a friendly reminder of how to achieve your goals, I will share with you what works for me:

  1. WRITE your goals down! Write down what your goal is. How you are going to achieve your goal. Write down the date. The biggest thing here is to make sure it is attainable. For example:
    1. Goal: Cook a paleo meal in the crockpot on Sunday for my lunches. 
    2. How: On Saturday search for an easy crockpot recipe. Write down the recipe.
      1. Chicken and salsa (so easy)
    3. When: Groceries Saturday and cook Sunday. 
    4. (Notice, that my goal wasn’t….lose 10 pounds. That may be my ultimate goal, but how am I going to lose the 10 pounds? By eating healthier:) The biggest problem for most people is time! The crock pot is the the best and there are A LOT of easy healthy recipes! )
  2. DISPLAY the goals….in!!
    1. What places in your house do you go to more than once a day?
      1. Your front door! Bathroom, kitchen, computer, car etc????
      2. Have a copy of your goal in all these places. I write them down on a notecard and tape them up. I make sure one is tapped up on my front door. Every morning I am reminded of my goal:) 
  3. Make yourself ACCOUNTABLE. For me it was promising a friend to be at the gym at 5am. I didn’t want to let her down. I knew if I made that promise I would be there. 
  4. Figure out your PURPOSE! Why are you wanting to achieve your goal? Be honest with yourself. It is your health? Do you want to be healthier for your children because they look up to you? Is it because you are on the verge of a heart attack? Is it because you want to fit into your favorite swim suit in 3 months. Is it because you want to run a marathon? Play with your kids? This is also something that you should post with your goals!!

*****It IS important to have long-term goals! But, break them down to simple attainable goals. *****

Something else that I have learned over the last few years of working with people who want to lose weight. The do’s and don’t:


  1. LEARN about food! You may be really surprised at what you DON’T know. I have learned so much about what healthy food REALLY is compared to what I thought it was. If you don’t have the time to do that on your own, pay someone to help you! It will be the best investment for your health! You don’t have to pay this person for the rest of your life, but just to teach you about what is healthy for you! (Paying for things will also be a motivation to listen and do!)
  2. Get your whole family involved! Kids included! For some of you, this is your purpose anyway to show your kids how to live a healthy life. Well… get them involved!
  3. Write your long term and short term goals down!
  4. Understand that this is a life style change! It is NOT a diet! 
  5. Understand that you WILL mess up! YOU are only HUMAN
  6. MOVE! You need to exercise PERIOD!! 
  7. Take it one step at a time. Taking it one step at a time has been more effective in a life style change than trying to do it all at once. This is true for those wanting to lose 10 pounds to 100 pounds! 
  8. Find someone to answer to. Either pay someone or promise someone that you will know will push you.



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Until next time….get those goals written down….

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I would like to share with you my goals for the next 9 months. If you read my “Summer Fun”  blog you know that my boyfriend is being deployed and we are having a contest. The contest is to see if each of us can meet our own personal goals by the time he comes home which hopefully will be June, regardless that is my goal month. 

I have written down all my goals on a piece of paper and taped them to my counter top so that I can see them every day. I went in much detail with my goals. This is how I set my goals up:

1- WHAT –I wrote down exactly WHAT I wanted to achieve. I am a Crossfitter so I have goals beside each skill such as gymnastics like ring muscle ups, pull-ups, bar muscle ups ect. I also have a weight goal next to each lift. (Side note, it is a REALLY good idea to write down and keep track of ALL your work outs, times and lifts. If I never did that, it would be very hard for me to know where to start with my goals. Now if you are just starting, no worries, make sure you write down EVERYTHING you do in your work out. Write down lifts, number of reps, amount, how long it took you ect. This is VERY important for many reason. Most importantly to see if your routine is working. Are you improving? If you are great, if you are not…then you can go back and see what you need to change. )

2. HOW— I was very detailed on how I was going to meet each of these goals. This I believe is one of the most important parts to achieving your goal. If you simply have a goal, it will be hard to achieve it because you don’t have any direction on where to go with those goals.

My biggest challenge for my “how” is going to be getting up in the morning to work out. For the last 5 years I have been working out after work. It got me through the day, and through out the day I was excited to go to the gym. However, the unfortunate part was that number one, I was pretty exhausted at the end of the day. Number two, I could easily talk myself out of going to the gym. Or number 3, I had appointments that took precedence. Work also would take over too at times. To be true to myself, and see how much I really did go to the gym (because of course in my head it was “everyday”). I marked on a calendar each day I went to the gym. I did this for about 3 months to get a good average. Well, my everyday, was more like 3 times a week. That is A LOT different from everyday!  The funny part is, I wondered why I wasn’t increasing weights in my lifts or getting that muscle up…hmmm maybe it’s because I was only going to the gym 3 times a week. Now, don’t get me wrong, 3 times a week is great! Better than most people in this world who are sitting on the couch and don’t move at all. However, for me to reach my lofty goals I need to be at the gym way more than that! 

So, my friends, being to the gym at 5 is going to be a HUGE challenge for me! HUGE!! But, I know in my heart that if I want to meet these goals I have to go in the morning. Going after school will just not cut it because with my schedule (and laziness) I will not make it more than 3 times a week. 

The other part of my how is my nutrition. I am most comfortable with this how in my goals. Don’t get me wrong, it is going to be a challenge. But, the cool part is that I know exactly what to do and how to do it:) This summer I didn’t do horrible by any means…well for the most part…lol…but let’s just say that if I want to increase weights in my lifts I need to focus on my nutrition way better than I have this summer:) 

I have found that preparing my meals for the week on the weekend is MUCH needed for me. My week is so crazy that I just want to come home be able to pull something out of the fridge and eat it.  I basically found out that making 3 meals for the week works great. I usually make something in the crockpot, in the oven, and then on the stove top:) I also make sure to have lots of snacks ready for example, grapes, carrots, celery, almonds, Lara bars, apples and almond butter etc. I bought a big enough lunch box that fits all my week’s worth of lunches.  It actually works pretty slick! Don’t forget about snacks during the day at work too:)

3- DATES– What is the magical date that I will have that 6 pack:) If you don’t have a deadline, you will never reach your goal. I know that by June I want to meet my goal lifts and body fat %.  I also wrote down each month from now until June and where I would like to be at during those months. I only wrote down the rest of August and September for now, because I would like to re-evaluate in a month to see how I am doing and what my body is capable of doing. This way I will know more realistically what my body can achieve in a month’s time.

I also understand that this is a journey for me to be a better athlete. I know that I am already a healthy women and know that a certain body percent is NOT going to define me nor is a certain weight on a barbell. With that said, having goals to be a better athlete is also healthy! In 9 months, when I am a better athlete than I am now, I know I have hit my goals!

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Until next time…get those goals written down!

Summer fun!

Well hello my followers! I bet you thought I fell off the end of the earth…lol:) I had a crazy summer this year. As most of you know, I am a teacher and I have the summer’s off. Before you teacher haters say one thing about we teachers having the summers off…all I have to say to you is…The Univerisity of Northern Iowa has a great teacher program that you could enroll in and get your teaching degree and come and be in the trenches with us! I could go OFF on this matter, but that is not what this blog is about. So…I will continue my happy thoughts:)

Where was I, oh…my crazy summer. So school ended in June. EVERY intention of blogging more this summer. I ALWAYS have goals for myself not only for the summer, but also during the school year as well. My goals were to blog more, gym more, organize places in my apartment, and get my school things organized for the upcoming school year, go hiking and do more things outside, spend some time with my boyfriend, and family…oh and of course take some classes for continuing education.

Well, some of that did happen. For those of you who set goals for yourself, know that goals can change for good reasons to! This summer, mine did. But, in a good way I feel. So here is my summer…


•I spent a great deal with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, or as he would say fortunately, he is being deployed. I love this man with all my heart and pray he comes back safely to me:) God Bless America!




• Took some continue education classes….no pictures with this one…not that I didn’t enjoy them, just not enough to take a picture 😛

• Took a short vacation trip to Okoboji with my boyfriend and his family. He really enjoys his Hobie Cat:)


My boyfriend and his dad on the Hobie Cat:)


• Didn’t start the month off too great. It was a little scary actually. My dad has CLL – Chronic lymphocytes Leukemia. He was diagnosed with this years ago. Four years ago (I think it was), he went through his first round of chemo. It didn’t go too shabby considering. Then his lymph nodes started swelling again, and wasn’t feeling well. He was scheduled for chemo. Before his chemo, he was in the hospital for phenomena for a few weeks. Then that got better, so they thought, and he started his chemo. He went through 2 hospitals, the ICU with infection, he couldn’t breathe, multiple tests to figure out what was wrong, and to this day they really don’t know. Through prays he got better. He was in the hospital for 3 weeks, I think it was. So I went to the hospital as much as I could. It was very scary to see my dad in that situation. But he knew he was loved and prayed for and is full of faith:) We are all so thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ and his ability to heal my dad.

•Toward the middle of July my nieces came to visit. I have 2 beautiful nieces. The oldest is 16 and drove here, from 2 1/2 hours away for the first time to the big city of Des Moines, Iowa. She lives in a very small town of Brandon, Iowa. Look it up…you may just see pictures of the famous “Biggest Skillet in the World”. The youngest is 14 I believe:) I could be wrong, 13…IDK they grow up so dang fast. But, regardless of her age we had a blast. Shopping, eating junk food (yep I said it…off limits food and it was great), watching movies, laughing, Adventureland, and just chilling.


Enjoying Adventureland:)

•More continue education classes. Again, no pictures here…must I say more:)

•My mom is an interior designer, and man she knows her stuff. She is so flipping creative it’s unbelievable. She can turn ANYTHING into ANYTHING. This year, I moved into a new room at school; into the Science Lab! Way more space and just awesomeness. Well, I wanted it to look really neat, comfortable and fun for my students to learn and for me to enjoy due to the fact I pretty much live there during the school year. So…it all began with just, “Mom, would you make some curtains for my new classroom”, of course she said yes. Then, ” Mom, would you make this shelf into a bench for my kids to sit on (Pinterest inspired), ” of course she and her husband did:) Then, it just went on from there. I pretty much told her what I was thinking and we put our heads together and viola got a really neat, comfortable, fun and amazing science lab for all of us to enjoy.

The BEFORE pictures….. ewww…

20160704_141728 20160704_141713 20160704_141742 20160704_141746
















Now…the cool pictures…

As you walk into my room this is what the back wall looks like:


The LAB words are made out of aluminum and is backed with black and white cloth.

Above the cupboards are scientists and a quote from said scientist hanging from twine:)







Another place your eye may go to right away is this bulletin board. This is on the left wall of my room by my desk.


This says, “If you are not willing to learn no one can help you

if you are determined to learn no one can stop you.”

To the left of that bulletin board is my desk area.


The front is decorated with the word FOCUS. There is a small clock to represent the word “O” in focus. It is meant to be a little joke to my students. They should not be looking at the clock they should be focusing on the task at hand:) The bag hanging on the right of the focus says, “Don’t make me use my teacher voice”. The curtain in the back ground is made by me:) It was Pinterest inspired. Four different pieces of material torn and tied around twine. It’s pretty nifty:)




To to the left of my desk is my student’s seating area.





The curtains are made by my mom:) The bench is Pinterest inspired. It is a Target shelf made into a bench. The seating part is padded and wrapped in hefty duty material:) There are four pillows sitting on top. Two of the pillows are science inspired. One says “Be Nice” the other says “Keep Calm Do Science”. The cool part about those pillows is they are made with the elements from the periodic table!




This is my front table…





There are little funny science quotes each glued to a black and white flag that is strung across the front of my front table.









A closer view of a few of the sayings. One says, ” If you think your teacher is bad, wait until you get a boss.” The other ones says, “Somewhere, something, incredible is waiting to be known.”





This is by the door.





My step dad (AKA Joe) made this awesome cart. It even has handles and wheels! These are crates for each of my classes. .





This is a bulletin board to the left of the door.





Really neat cartoon type characters that display an element from the periodic table.





This is to the right as you walk into my room.





Each is hand-built by my mom and Joe. They are picture frames with something to represent science.




From left to right…




A light bulb to represent electricity.
























Test tubes with colorful beads in each.






20160808_174213DNA strands made with beads.






These are signs made by my mom as well. To show my students where their glue, scissors and items are at.





So…that’s my science room!

• The end of July I went to Okoboji with my boyfriend’s parents with out my boyfriend. But, I still enjoyed my time with his awesome family:)





This one says it all. I was having a ton of fun, and almost fell! Well, maybe I did….lol:)






So that was my July….


• First week in August I went to Estes Park Colorado camping with a friend of mine. We then hiked in the Rocky Mountains on the Twin Owl’s Loop. It was amazing and a good work out!


So much fun!


Well there ya have it my friends, my summer of 2016 in a nut shell:)

Going back to my goals for the summer:

My goals were to blog more, gym more, organize places in my apartment, and get my school things organized for the upcoming school year, go hiking and do more outside, spend some time with my boyfriend, and family…oh and of course take some classes for continuing education. 

Did I accomplish those things…let’s see:

•More blogging- failed..but for good reason:)

•Gym more- failed…BUT was very active outdoors…swimming, skiing, biking, hiking…I was in the outdoor gym and loved every minute of it!!

•Apartment organized- I actually did do some. I just didn’t share any pictures. Too

•School things organized Yes, I did get that done too, but again too boring to share.

•Hiking- That I most certainly did!

•Do more stuff outside -Yes I did!

•Spend more time with my boyfriend -Yep sure did !

•Spend more time with my family- Yes, with both my dad, mom, nieces, and grandparents! Even though it was with my dad in the hospital, I have learned that life is too short and call him almost every day to see how he is doing. I spent a lot of time with my mom working and doing classroom things. It was so much fun!

•Take classes to continue my learning in education- Yes, that I did!

The reason why I shared this blog with you is to show you that being healthy is not only just going to the gym, eating right, and staying fit. It is also appreciating what God has given us. The beautiful country he has made for us, the animals that are just amazing to watch, the family he has chosen for us, the strengths that each of us have to share with others to brighten their day, all the blessings that we tend to take for granted.

You may not achieve each and every goal you make for yourself, but those goals may just go in a different direction. I really wanted to get to the gym more this summer. However, the way my summer altered for me worked out great. My gym was the outdoors and it kicked my butt! Especially in the mountains! This just goes to show that you don’t have to be in the gym to stay healthy. Get outside and use the beautiful scenery and take a walk, run, skiing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking to stay in shape.

Revisit your goals every month. See what needs to be changed and what you want to keep doing. Once I go back to school, I wont’ be able to go outside as much. Therefore, the gym will be my place to be. Let some one know about your goals. Have a challenge with someone who you know you will answer to. My boyfriend and I are actually having a challenge. We each shared our goals with each other. Our goal is to meet those health goals by the time he gets back from deployment. I will share those goals with you in my next blog. He is one that I can’t let down and makes me be a better person.

Here is to new goals and new challenges and a new school year!!

Until next time…create those goals and let someone know about them!





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Strive for success

board-1097118_1920 (1)

Something I have learned over the last few months as an athlete that I hope inspires others. In January, my gym was doing a fitness challenge. At the beginning of the challenge we were asked to find our max lifts for about 3 lifts, row for time, how many double unders in 2 minutes, number of pull ups unbroken, sit and reach and then time ourselves on a couple of wods. I was almost not going to do this challenge simply in fear of stepping on the scale. I just didn’t want to step on that scale after the holidays. I firmly believe that as an athlete the scale should not drive my health plans, but for some it is good motivation and it also can keep people in check. I also know that muscle weighs more than fat and if my clothes are fitting and I am feeling good then I am golden…well, after the holidays that was not the case. We must understand that 140 pound women who doesn’t work out and eats junk food looks and feels much different than 140 pound women who works out and eats clean and feels great. Even though the only reason why I didn’t want to sign up for that challenge simply because I didn’t want to step on the scale I realized that I was being ridiculous. Because I know that I am competitive and that this challenge would get me back on track if I signed up.  Stepping on the scale was just a fear in my imagination that needed to be shot down. When I got home I just took a deep breath stepped on the scale and guess what… I am still alive. I went into the challenge with goals in mind and to only compete with myself.

This challenge also had a homework sheet in hopes that you would do it to improve. Of course being a teacher, I knew that homework would only benefit me and make me stronger. The homework consisted of increasing pull-ups each week, rowing more each week, working on double unders and making sure to get the lifting in. The lifting was easy to get in because it was scheduled in the work out for the day. But, the others were extra. Every Thursday is open gym. I have been wanting to get my bar muscle ups back since my injury. I have been using Thursdays to work on just that. Because I knew that I wanted to focus on BMU on Thursdays, I had to stay after a little to work on the other homework such as pull-ups and double unders. I figured I could do my rowing in between my BMU work. It actually worked out pretty handy:) I got pretty frustrated with BMU’s. As the 7 weeks went on, I ended up getting 2 in the 60 minute open gym time. So that gives you an idea of how much I struggle with them. But, I was happy because I got them back:) They weren’t ( and still aren’t) pretty, but I am working on that. BMU btw was not on the homework list. I simply have a drive to make them better because I really want a ring muscle up and feel these would be a stepping stone. Progressions to ring muscle ups was something I decided to take a break from over the 7 week course.

After working hard with the challenge, up comes The Crossfit Open. This is a competition that anyone can complete. You simply must be judged and then enter your scores on -line. Thousands of people do this. The top leaders compete in The Crossfit Games to compete for the Fittest in the World title. Why do I compete in this you ask? Well because I will be the Fittest in the World of course! LOL JUST KIDDING! I compete in this for me. This is the 3rd year I have competed in The Open. Each year I see how much I have improved as an athlete. The first year, was a great experience for me. I didn’t really have anything to compare my scores to, but I had goals in mind of what I wanted to accomplish. Simply signing up was a HUGE deal for me. Like… I was so scared… just putting myself out there to the world to see how much of an athlete I am really not compared to so many other amazing athletes. However, at the same time I realized that I was a better athlete than a lot of people in this world. I couldn’t do a lot of the wods rx’d which was frustrating to me. But, at the same time it gave me a lot to focus on and work towards for the next year.

Three years later…I am so thankful that I no-repp’ed myself on my chest to bar (CTB) pull-ups in every single wod. Getting so frustrated with them in WODs because I was ALWAYS the last one done if there were CTB in a work out. Even holding back tears of frustrating during the wod because I was struggling so much with them. But, guess what…the first open wod (16.1) had CTB pull-ups and I was pretty excited that I could RX the first open wod! I was happy with my scores. 16.2…..Toes to Bar, double unders and squat cleans at 85 pounds. Again, I was thankful that I could do TTB fluently. Double unders…well I either have them or I don’t and thankfully that day I had them…well…let’s say it could have been worse…the squat cleans were a heavy weight for me. But, I got in way more reps than I thought. So I was happy with my score. 16.3….get this…10 snatches at 55 pounds and wait for it….wait for it…bar muscle ups baby! I was so thrilled to know that I could also rx this wod too! I was so thankful that I took the time at open gym to get these babies back! The wod was 10 snatches and 3 bmu and continue that pattern for 7 minutes I believe. I was really nervous that I would not get one in. Remember, it took me 60 minutes to get in 2 bmu and I only had 7 minutes. Well…my friends… I ended up not only getting 1 but 4 bar muscle up! Pretty awesome I thought! 16.4…is 55 deadlifts, 55 wall balls, 55 calorie row, and 55 hspu in 13 minutes. I get to tackle this wod tonight. Let’s just say…there is nothing I am looking forward to with this one except not to die. I would look forward to hspu, but if I get that far I will be impressed with myself…

During all of this madness…we did do our final testing for the fitness competition. I am happy to say that I lifted more on all but one lift, did 8 more pull ups, was quicker on my rowing, reached farther on the ol’ sit and reach, go t more double unders in, and did way better on both wods. The best part….remember at the beginning I was scared to get on the scale? Well, I only lost 1 pound….but look at how much stronger and faster I am now:)

Moral of the story…fear is only a figment of your imagination…don’t let it drive your life…you drive it to success!

Until next time…drive fear to success!

How to survive a healthy lifestyle change A.K.A a diet


  1. First apologize to all close family and friends that the first few weeks you may be a total #$%#$%%^. Why…because you are no longer going to eat all the process foods and crap that they eat which in turn is going to make you angry because you WANT to eat it because everyone else gets to, but you know that you shouldn’t and won’t.
  2. Expect to be exhausted! Yep, I know, but you are already tired. Well, sorry sister, but your body is so use to using sugar for energy that it can’t anymore. Deal with it! You will thank yourself later.
  3. For goodness sake…BE PREPARED!! Yes, take your whole Sunday and prepare your food. Yes, it’s going to take a good chunk of your Sunday (or whatever day you choose). But, I guarantee you will be much more successful during your crazy work week if you’re prepared. Usually I cook something in the crockpot, while something on the stove and in the meantime something in the oven. That is three meals per day for the week! Boom!
  4. Drink your water! And don’t just sip your water like you are drinking some delicious expensive hot tea. DRINK THE WATER! I have learned to drink 4 huge drinks each time I drink. Before ya know it, your first water bottle is gone! You will lose more weight, your skin will feel better, your breath will smell better, your organs will perform better and your exit system will be easier…(if ya get my drift).
  5. Take a good multi-vitamin and fish oil. Please do your research on this and don’t just choose the first one that you get your hands on. I believe in the Nutrilite products because I have done the research and know they are what they say they are.
  6. Have some almonds or protein bar with you at all times. There will be times when you are running late and you’re starving! You will be glad you have these handy.
  7. Eating out can be a bit tricky. First off, don’t go out to eat starving. If you can, eat something before you go. Order something grilled and with veggies. However, make sure to ask that the veggies are plain with nothing on them including butter etc. Because usually their butter is not just butter but other hidden ingredients. Side salads with dressing on the side is usually safe. Meat such as steak is usually safe, but again ask for it plain because they usually put some kind of sugary rub on it. Fish is a good idea….plain. Be careful of any salads besides a side salad because sometimes those even have hidden ingredients as well. Just be very mindful at what you are ordering and don’t be afraid to ask to have something specially made. Now-a-days with allergies and what not, asking for a “special order” is more common than you think.
  8. Have your mind set to begin with! If you are wishy washy about this new diet of yours…then your results will also be wishy washy!
  9. Get your schedule set! Exercise is very important to a healthy living lifestyle. Schedule in time for exercise. Just like you schedule in time for your favorite TV show or your child’s dance class, you can schedule in time for you to exercise.
  10. Write down your goals and how you are going to achieve each one. Make sure to be as specific as possible. Write down what your goal is (don’t make it too lofty that you can’t achieve it) and what you are going to do to achieve that goal. Do short term (within a month) and long term goals (with in 6 months or you could even do within a year). Here is a good blog on how to set goals if you want more info on this:) This one is good read too:)
  11. Post goals where you can see them every day! Revisit how you are doing with your goals and make necessary changes.
  12. Always keep in mind that failure leads to success! We all fail and get off the bandwagon, but use that as a learning experience and get right back at it. I would say this is probably the most important survival piece right here! Because a lot of people fail, and then they don’t know how to get back at it again. They feel like a failure and don’t realize that EVERYONE fails and in order to succeed you must learn from failure.
  13. SLEEP!! Nothing more to say to this than simply…SLEEP!
  14. Stretch...invest in a foam roller and a lacross ball. These will be your best friend!
  15. I will end with this one…always remember why you began this journey to begin with. I suggest you write it down and look at it every day. The newness wears off and the toughness will start to kick in and you will wonder why you even began this journey. This is the time to look back at why you began in the first place!


Unit next time…be the survivor!

Success is in your hands!


Happy New Year’s Eve! This is the time of year that a lot of people use to create goals that they “wish” to achieve. They are not for sure how they are going to achieve them, but they sure want to try. Lofty goals are made and gym memberships are bought. The first week of January is so exciting because that gym membership is so exciting and new.  Being sore is something that you have never experienced before and you are not for sure if you like that feeling.  Getting up at the crack of dawn is just not all it cracks up to be. Or better yet going to that new gym after work is just not as fun as going home and relaxing on the couch. Your body is starving for that pumpkin pie or those Reeses bite size pieces that you lived on over the holiday. You are into your 2nd week of the new schedule and your new way of living and your just not sure about it. You have come to the realization that you are in deed over weight or that you are not over weight but you know and understand that keeping at the gym IS the best for you and staying away from the unhealthy foods IS in deed a healthy choice. But, do you fight it…you know that soreness, the schedule change, the getting up at the crack of dawn or getting to the gym after work, not eating the foods that your body is craving, the fatigue, the headaches…(shall I go on?). Well, my friend, I do not have the magic answer or the magic pill. The answer lies within you! I can tell you this, there is no magic pill. Yes, there are pills out there that can curb your appetite, but I know for a fact your doctor would also say to get off your butt and get to the gym and eat healthier! So, back to my original thought…there is no magical pill! I can tell you that you are worth it. You need to find that motivation whether it be buying a new outfit when you lose a certain amount of weight, or seeing your doctor after losing 50 pounds and they give you a hug (right mom:)), or being able to do one more sit-up, push-up, another 200 meters in your run or whatever it is. But, YOU need to figure out what is going to motivate you. Do you think that all the successful people in this world just woke up one day and lost 100 pounds or was able to do a ring muscle up! You know the answer to that! Success takes failure and set backs. Success is exhausting, sore, painful, takes change and much effort, and is not easy. It’s the little successes along the way that keep you going. That extra push up that you just did, the not hungering for a latte and forgetting you use to even drink them, lifting a weight amount you have never lifted in your life before.  Find that motivation….you must keep going in order to feel that little bit of success. I am here to tell you that you ARE worth it and to push through those tough times. Push through January, February and March and when spring rolls around you will be so happy you did. Please read Keep and Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions that I posted last year about how to keep New Year’s Resolutions. You will find some excellent ideas on how to make a goal and how to keep one and better yet how to achieve it!


Until next time…know that you are worth being healthy 🙂

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You don’t need a new year to make a change…all you need is a Monday…make this week the change of your life!

Tomorrow is Monday! What are your goals this week? Have you written them down? Do you have your meals made for the week? Are you going to try a new recipe this week? What is your exercise schedule this week?

If you were not able to answer any of those questions, then get after it right now! Get out a piece of paper and write down what your goals are for the week. Text them, e-mail them or call a friend to tell him/her! What is your menu going to be like this week? Having trouble finding anything good? Click Ridiculously Yummy Recipes for some fantastic and healthy recipes. Having trouble writing relevant goals and keeping them? Click Goal setting  to give you some ideas. 

Until next time…have goals and work to achieve them:)