About Myriah (that’s me)

Myriah-pics-050I have always enjoyed teaching others whether in living a healthier life, coaching or teaching a classroom of 30 students! In my adult life I have been involved in Farrell’s Body Extreme where I was a coach and taught kickboxing and resistance bands. While coaching I lead a great group of people to better their health. I am very proud to share that both the winners of the Farrell’s 10 week challenge were on my team.  After Farrells I decided to try my hand at Kosama and am now an athlete at Priority Crossfit in Altoona, Iowa. All after a fun filled day of teaching a classroom full of 30 6th graders:)

Along with my passion for teaching, my hobbies include researching new and exciting findings in nutrition. Finding new recipes to share and reading new books about health is always on my enjoyment list. My day is almost always ended by a great workout at Priority Crossfit. Other related hobbies are being on the water, being with friends and family, camping, riding my motorcycle, my bicycle, traveling, being social, and inspiring others.

My Specialist in Fitness Nutrition certification allowed me to broaden my horizons in the nutrition field. I absolutely love helping others learn what it is to have a healthy relationship with food and in return feel good about themselves. I full heartedly believe that health is for the soul and for life. If one feels good about themselves it will trickle to other areas of life such as family, work, friends, the gym and other endeavors of life.

Whole 30, Paleo and Primal are some programs that I have used to help others to lead a healthy life. I have also walked others through a basic health plan by analyzing their daily diet and guided them in a healthier direction that suits them best.

My main goal is to help you begin a healthy journey for life and/or to help you find that healthier life again.

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