Make new friends, but keep the old!

We did a lot of camping on our adventure. I mean, I know teaching brings in the money and everything (NOT), but we could not afford to get a hotel every night. I love camping! I have always enjoyed nature and being out in God’s world. However, it is not truly camping with out a campfire and smore’s! It’s just so fun to sit around the campfire and learn about how we are all so much alike but yet different while being mesmorized by fire:)


One gentlemen that we met a long our journey, is 71 years young (I think) and he had never had a s’more!!! I was like, “Wha…..????”. So of course, I had some ingredients for them stashed away in our bags (yes I made room for s’mores).  He ended up loving them!


This was the group of people that we had met along the way. The gentlemen on the very right sitting in a chair, Jeff. He is from Huntsville, Alabama and Adam and I found out that we have a lot in common with him. We first met him at the Dust to Dawson event in Dawson City. He noticed our bike and saw that we were two up. He struck up a conversation. I then noticed that he was wearing a Crossfit shirt and of course I had to ask him about that:) Then later we found out that he too country dances and his wife is into Crossfit and health! Match made in heaven! We ended up riding to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska with this fun and amazing group.


We stopped to get gas on our way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Of course gas was like 5 dollars a gallon. Yikes! I thought this was a neat picture of the group leaving the gas station. The first two behind us were Susan and Larry. Very nice couple. I was very impressed with Susan riding on the rough roads to Prudhoe Bay (more about that later). The third one was John (the gentlemen that was 71 years young and had never had a s’more)! John was a very interesting fellow. I think he lived or was from Aftrica. Lot’s of fun stories. Then the last was Buck. He has a side car. He was a retired doctor. He too had some neat stories to tell about his career and where he had been and served.


This is Jeff our fearless leader. Can’t wait to meet his wife! Yeah, so I may be able to make a trip to Huntsville, Alabama in a few weeks to meet his wife. I am very excited!

Take note of this road and the rain clouds forming….yeah…that made it for an interesting ride….stay tune!

Until next time…take the time to meet someone new everyday! You will never know how they can change your life!