Alaska- June 3, 2017

June 3rd we began our trip to Alaska! We got a good night sleep last night, and started in on packing the motorcycle about 8ish.  After much planning done by Adam when he was overseas, we are now able to put it all together. We both had a lot of hiking and camping supplies before this trip, but we found that buying more efficient items to fit in the motorcycle was well worth the money.

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We laid every piece out on the garage floor and triple checked our list. Then we began packing the motorcycle.




We were both very happy to note that we fit everything in PLUS had some additional room:) Life is good:) We were not in a huge hurry, so after slowly packing, stopping for delicious cinnamon rolls made by his parents, and a few other necessary things we got on the road about 2ish.

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This will be our home for the next 43 days:)




We pretty much just road today. It was a hot day! It got up to 95 degrees! We of course have all of our entire gear on from head to toe, and mine is black!!! We took interstate 90 all the way to Oacoma, South Dakota. Once we got going on the interstate, it wasn’t bad and it did rain for about 10 minutes and it felt great! We stopped for gas and McDonalds and that was about it. We always look for free camp sites.



We found a free camp site in Oacoma, South Dakota  by a river. We got there about 1 hour before sunset so enough time to set up camp. Not much exploring tonight. We are pretty much ready for bed!



Until next time… camp free!