Would you rather…


Friday was so dang nice here in the lovely world of Pleasant Hill, Iowa.  It really gave me smiles when the sun was shining and there was a hint of spring in the air. It also reminds me of why I want to always be healthy even in the dead of winter. Summer time is when I can go outside and be active. If I don’t stay healthy in the winter then I have to use part of my summer to get back in shape, why would I do something like that? It just makes sense to me to always stay healthy all year round. I am thankful to be healthy when I want to go for a bike ride, hiking, kayaking or when my gymnasts want me to show them a certain skill or some young whipper snapper thinks they can out run me. (I am not kidding on this one either. I teach 6th grade and last year we were outside on a nice day and one of my students thought he could beat me in a race…guess what he was wrong! Just saying! )

There is NEVER a good time to start a new healthy life style! NEVER! There will ALWAYS be a holiday, a birthday, some kind of celebration, a stressful day at work, kids, friends, social time…must I go on…However, those are the reasons why you need to eat healthier! Sure you can eat a piece of cake on a birthday or celebrate every once in awhile. But what about all those other days?

Here are a few ways that I have found to be true with the majority of people. Which do you think would work for you?

  1. Go all out! Do something like Whole30 and go cold turkey. Pick a date and start. Get yourself prepared. Not just prepared as in food, but also in your mind. Whole30 is an amazing program. It is not meant for you to do it the rest of your life, but it is a great way to organically clean out your system and really learn about your body. You want to lose weight? Do whole3o!
  2. 80/20 Meaning you are good 80% of the time and 20% you can eat off limit foods. This basically is saying that you can have a cheat meal IF you are true to your 80%. A lot of people like this and can live with this rule because they don’t feel cheated out of their favorite food.
  3. Some folks just simply want to take it all slow. Meaning start small. Depending how healthy you are to begin with will determine where you start. It may just be starting as small as getting in some kind of exercise every day, drinking more water, taking a daily vitamin, cutting calories, taking fish oil, drinking less soda, eating less sugar, or whatever it may be to help you reach a healthier you.

Keep in mind, #1 will get you quicker results but will take a lot more dedication than #3. Not saying that the last one is easy, I am just saying that with whole3o it’s not just drink more water and doing a little exercise here and there. It’s all in baby! BUT…you WILL see change in your body and the way you feel within 30 days!

It’s your choice my friend. When a friend comes to you and asks you to go for a walk this summer, would you rather be able to say yes and enjoy the day or not able to because you are so out of shape that you can’t. Would you rather be able to go for a hike in the beautiful majestic mountains with your family or friends or say no because you are on some kind of medication that is not going to allow you to? Would you rather go for a bike ride on a beautiful gorgeous summer day or have to stay home in bed because you don’t feel well? Would you rather go on the boat with your friends and family and enjoy a day of skiing and feel comfortable in your own skin or have to say no because you feel out of shape and embarrassed to be on a boat in a suit?  The choice is yours.

Until next time…be thankful that you are in shape:)