Turn chili into warm and not cold!


As the temps are below freezing here in the deep freeze of good ol’ Iowa weather, I wanted to remind you all of the delicious paleo chili that I make and it’s yummy. This may sound crazy, but I also put a spoon full of almond butter in my bowl. A couple other helpful tips that I find that make it a little bit more heaven. This recipe suggest to do everything in a skillet, I don’t have time for that so I use a crockpot. Here is what I do:


  1. Don’t brown the beef before putting it into the crockpot. Every time I brown it before it ended up being really dry. So I tried without and it is so much more tender. I just place the meat in the crockpot and take my wooden spoon and break the meat up. 
  2. Cut up onions and place on meat.
  3. Add paste and tomatoes.
  4. In a small bowl I add the beef broth and water. Then I put in the microwave for about 5 seconds. Then add all the spices including the cocoa. The warmth of the liquid dissolves all the cocoa (kinda like hot chocolate). Stir liquid until all is dissolved.  Then pour over meat mixture in crockpot.  This will allow all the spices to spread out in the crockpot instead of sticking to only sections of the meat. 
  5. Stir all contents of crockpot together.
  6. Heat on high until boiling then switch to low to simmer to let all the spices set in. I have also just set in on low all day and that works too. 
  7. Serve in a bowl with a spoon full of almond butter:)

Until next time…get that crockpot out and cook away!