Is it REALLY healthy for you?


I was really excited to find this article. When I first heard about the “Paleo diet” and began to do research on it and implemented it into my clients diets, I got so many questions and rightfully so. The Paleo way of living is so not what most of us were raised to believe. If you were like my family it was meat, potatoes, casseroles, and better drink the milk for calcium to have good bones. Which included yogurt, cottage cheese etc. Oh and don’t forget the whole wheat bread. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that milk is the devil! I just believe that there are more ways to feed your bones:) 

This article 5 Healthy-Sounding Foods that are actually Sabatoging your Diet I found to be pretty true to my experiences. When Gluten-Free foods first came out I thought what a great idea! Then I began to think more about it and started seeing more labels with the word gluten-free on it. For example, sugar candy! Really…now come on…of course sugar candy is gluten-free. But, that is just it…just because it says gluten-free doesn’t mean it is healthy for you! Yes, if you must eat gluten-free foods then by all means make sure to read the labels that say gluten-free. BUT, if you are just wanting to be a healthy person just because it says gluten-free doesn’t mean it is healthy. A lot of gluten-free products have a lot of sugar and many more unhealthy ingredients. Keep that in mind! Same goes with foods that are labeled organic. Just because it wasn’t processed doesn’t mean that it is a healthy food choice. 

Also, in this article, it discusses energy bars. This always drives me crazy. 
It is just so funny how some energy bars have more sugar than candy bars, but the companies can market them to be energy bars. Drives me nuts!  Not saying all energy bars are bad for you. I advise you to read your labels more so the ingredients.  If sugar is in the ingredients then go to the next energy bar. I know that Lara Bars are my go to bars. Some of them do have sugar and some do not.

This article also has an interesting twist on flavored yogurt. It suggests that flavored yogurt could be giving you 15 or more additional calories than if you were to just buy plain yogurt and add in a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup.  Just a food for thought 🙂

Until next time…eat what is right for you not what marketing tells you to eat:)