Success is in your hands!


Happy New Year’s Eve! This is the time of year that a lot of people use to create goals that they “wish” to achieve. They are not for sure how they are going to achieve them, but they sure want to try. Lofty goals are made and gym memberships are bought. The first week of January is so exciting because that gym membership is so exciting and new.  Being sore is something that you have never experienced before and you are not for sure if you like that feeling.  Getting up at the crack of dawn is just not all it cracks up to be. Or better yet going to that new gym after work is just not as fun as going home and relaxing on the couch. Your body is starving for that pumpkin pie or those Reeses bite size pieces that you lived on over the holiday. You are into your 2nd week of the new schedule and your new way of living and your just not sure about it. You have come to the realization that you are in deed over weight or that you are not over weight but you know and understand that keeping at the gym IS the best for you and staying away from the unhealthy foods IS in deed a healthy choice. But, do you fight it…you know that soreness, the schedule change, the getting up at the crack of dawn or getting to the gym after work, not eating the foods that your body is craving, the fatigue, the headaches…(shall I go on?). Well, my friend, I do not have the magic answer or the magic pill. The answer lies within you! I can tell you this, there is no magic pill. Yes, there are pills out there that can curb your appetite, but I know for a fact your doctor would also say to get off your butt and get to the gym and eat healthier! So, back to my original thought…there is no magical pill! I can tell you that you are worth it. You need to find that motivation whether it be buying a new outfit when you lose a certain amount of weight, or seeing your doctor after losing 50 pounds and they give you a hug (right mom:)), or being able to do one more sit-up, push-up, another 200 meters in your run or whatever it is. But, YOU need to figure out what is going to motivate you. Do you think that all the successful people in this world just woke up one day and lost 100 pounds or was able to do a ring muscle up! You know the answer to that! Success takes failure and set backs. Success is exhausting, sore, painful, takes change and much effort, and is not easy. It’s the little successes along the way that keep you going. That extra push up that you just did, the not hungering for a latte and forgetting you use to even drink them, lifting a weight amount you have never lifted in your life before.  Find that motivation….you must keep going in order to feel that little bit of success. I am here to tell you that you ARE worth it and to push through those tough times. Push through January, February and March and when spring rolls around you will be so happy you did. Please read Keep and Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions that I posted last year about how to keep New Year’s Resolutions. You will find some excellent ideas on how to make a goal and how to keep one and better yet how to achieve it!


Until next time…know that you are worth being healthy 🙂