Reading is healthy?!?!


I came across this article called “10 Things Insanely Healthy People do Before 9 AM” by Huffpost Healthy Living. I had already guessed sleep, water, exercise to be on the top of the list. However, read, journal and say “I love you” were some new tips that I have never heard of before. This article suggests to read in the morning. Here is “6 science-backed Reasons to Read a Good Book Right Now.” I must admit I go in spurts with reading. Self help books are my favorite. My ultimate favorite is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. This book teaches you how to use every moment to your advantage and explains how every moment in life counts. A very good read!

This article explains that reading can help keep your mind sharp in which I agree:) It also mentions that it could starve off Alzheimer.  Well, in my opinion it’s not going to hurt so why not give it a try! Reading may help you sleep better. In my experience, reading usually puts me right to sleep so I agree with that statement. There are a few more research base reasons to read every day click here and take a look for yourself. 

I also really like the suggestions of saying ” I love you” to someone every day. Showing your gratitude daily has powerful health benefits. Take a look at this article and read why gratitude could and will increase your health. I mean think about it, how do you feel when you thank others for opening the door for you or when you simply appreciate the small things in life. I know when I tore my Achilles Tendon it sure was not the best thing that happened to me, but I was sure grateful for not having surgery and had a positive attitude. Having a negative attitude would have gotten me no where. It happened and there was nothing I could have done about it but get better and better every day! Be blessed with every thing you have because someone is praying right now for what you take for granted. 

Until next time…add reading, start a journal or simply appreciating the little things to your repertoire of healthy living bag of goodies.