Yep…another blog about being patient:) As you know I had a partial tear of my Achilles Tendon at the beginning of July. I had a cast for 4 weeks, a boot for 4 weeks and now into physical therapy. I am slowly getting back at the gym and testing my patience. I have been going to PT twice a week. I had a break through at the beginning of this week. I got to jump for the first time since my injury. Remember a simple jump is how I injured it to begin with. My physical therapist pointed to a 12 inch box jump and said to jump onto that. I looked at him like he was crazy and said “I can’t do that”. He said “Yes you can, now jump.” I couldn’t do it. I was so scared. Now, remember at this point I was half way through physical therapy and it’s not that I didn’t trust in his work with me, it was that I was scared. He said again, “Come on, let’s go, jump.” I looked at him, and teared up and said, “I can’t”. I was so embarrassed and scared. It’s not that I couldn’t do it, it was the fear factor setting in. So, bless his heart, he started me off with a 2 inch box. I still had some hesitation, but did it. I felt better and was shaking like a leaf. It is just so amazing how fear can really get to a person. It was a simple 2 inch box! I have done as high as a 20 inch box before! But, when fear sets in I must overcome. I did 2 sets of 15 jumps on the 2 inch box. Then he had me do a 4 inch box or maybe it was higher…I don’t know.. but the point is… I progressed my way up. Then when I was all done, I looked at the 12 in box. I just could not leave that room with out doing one. I knew I could do it and I trusted in his judgement, it was just my fear. So I asked him if I could try it and of course he said yes. So I did it! I did a couple actually:)

My point is, fear is just a thought triggered from some previous experience. Trust is only going to get you past the fear and on to big and better things. If I never jumped on that 2 inch box I would have never have progressed up to my goal for the day. Trust in yourself!

My PT went over some more things that I could do at the gym. I was pretty excited that I was given the green light to do some jump rope, box jumps, light lifting, fast walking and a few other things.

The next day at the gym, I jump roped, toes to bar (TTB), and push jerks. I was not in my boot for the first time since my injury! That was exciting in itself:) When I went to do the TTB it was so much easier with out my boot, but I also believe that doing everything with the boot made me even stronger because that was just that much more weight! Even though I work on not comparing myself to others, it was a confidence booster to me to see only a few people doing TTB RX’d and I was one of them:) Since July 9th I have been practicing my patience with so many things in my life! This was one thing that I could do that put me above others:)

I am still practicing my patience in the gym, however:) I am still doing a lot of modifications and will be for awhile. However, I have faith that I will be back to where I was and even stronger. I am very blessed to have only had a partial tear and not a full rupture! I find myself very lucky that October 9th will be only 3 months and I am already back to the gym jumping again! How awesome is that!!!!!!!

Until next time…be patient with yourself with your struggles in life…