Easy lunch recipe

salad-652503_1280Here is a really, really easy lunch recipe for the work:

  1. Put 2 pounds of chicken breast in the crock pot covered with broth for about 2 hours or when the chicken reaches 165 degrees. 
  2. Place salad and any and all kind of chopped veggies in a big bowl mixed up. Then put salad mix in a container. I found that putting chopped veggies in a separate container or baggies works best for freshness through the week.
  3. Once chicken is done place in a big mixing bowl.
  4. Take a hand mixer and shred the chicken with the mixer. Works like a charm. Once all shredded put in a separate container from salad. 
  5. Place raw almonds in blender and blend to desired consistency. Place in a baggie (for “croutons” on salad).
  6. Grab some olive oil (dressing).
  7. Put all in lunch box for the week. 

Until next time…make it simple..