Cast is off…watch out world!


Well my friends, my cast is off! I got it off about a week ago! Way excited about that! The first full day that it was off I reported back to work. It worked out perfectly actually.  I am a teacher and we had to report back to school Tuesday and I got my cast off Monday. So that worked out well. The doctor said to put a little bit of weight on it and when it hurts to let off. So that is what I have been doing and it is going great! I can walk a small distance with my boot on. School starts tomorrow and I rented a knee scooter so this will be interesting. We will see what 6th grader wants to race me! So much fun! I have had so much support this last week going back to work. Friends helping me in my classroom, getting groceries, driving me places and so much more! Thank you to all the prayers and good thoughts! Keep them coming!

My injury has also taught me a lot of life skills. Click on this post to read how an injury really isn’t an injury it is something that happens to force you to slow down and think about your blessings. As mentioned in that post, I am really looking forward to heading back to the gym. You can read that post to understand why I chose not to go back to the gym while in a cast. Now I am not in a cast, but in a boot in which weight barring is acceptable. I will go back to the gym and work my way up very slowly. This too is going to be extremely hard for me, for I am a very competitive person.  However, I know that if I push it I will be right back to where I was at and I would rather not do that…lol:) 

Every year I write year end goals. One of my goals has been to do my first ring muscle up. Isn’t it ironic that I hurt my lower body so to speak and I must only work on upper body:) Therefore, I have a goal when I go back to the gym! Life is good:) I also need to get back on track with my nutrition. I have my goals on a sticky note on my computer. So every time I use my lap top my goals are staring me in the face.  My goals include to prepare meals for I know that helps me tremendously through out my busy week to not reach for the processed foods. I am also going to take some supplements for muscle gain called CLA 500. This is a supplement that supports lean muscle retention. I will also continue taking my Double x from Nutrilite and drink my water. There are so many healthy eating plans out there which I am blessed that our world can choose what best works for them.  I have done Whole 30 and I like that because I now know that my body doesn’t run well on wheat and dairy nor sugar. Before Whole 30 was introduced to me I did a nutrition plan that allowed me one cheat day. I have also done 100% Paleo as well as 80/20 Paleo. I have done many cleanses that helped me to jump start my healthy eating. All of which have been mentioned are wonderful ways to get anybody’s BODIES back at it. I am going to do Nutrilite’s Super Green Aloe Shots to clean out the old system to get my body ready for healthy greens again:) It’s just two shots, one in the morning and one at night for 2 days. Heck I can do that! Click here if you want more information on that. I have chosen to basically do 80/20 Paleo route to get me back on track. That pretty much means I am going to eat Paleo for 6 days and then have a cheat day on the 7th day. It worked for me before and it will work for me again.  I also do better when I have support. This last week when I was back at work a lot of ladies were telling me that summer was hard this year in the food world and they were excited to loose some weight. So I reached out to them and we all decided that the first day of school is when we are all going to start back at eating healthier. We are all really excited to get this thing going! 

Until next time…eat those greens and get to the gym!