Always count your blessings


Have you ever heard the saying, “Good things come out of bad things” or “It’s not always as bad as you think it is” how about “This too shall pass” and my favorite “Always think positive thoughts”.  All of these sayings, and many more actually, crossed my mined a lot during this road block of my Achilles tendon tear injury. 

Yes, I am still in a cast over a month later. However, some people are in a wheel chair the rest of their lives. I am projected to get my cast off in 2 days! I am very blessed to have had it on for only 4 weeks!!! I tried really hard not to complain during the duration of having crutches. Yes, it was and is a pain in my you know what. HOWEVER, I have looked at life a little bit differently while on crutches. I noticed a gentlemen in a wheel chair with a prosthetic leg.  I counted my blessings that I have a leg. A young boy with spina bifida and his mom helping him walk. I counted my blessings. Spoke to a gentlemen that had to have surgery on his foot and has been in a cast all summer. I counted my blessings.  The little girl, maybe 6, was in a leg cast who didn’t get to enjoy her summer much at all.  I counted my blessing. All the people who are in a wheel chair that I saw through out my duration of my journey… some because they can’t walk do to health issues…while others due to accidents. I counted my blessings. 

Instead of dwelling on the bad, why not make the most of it? What I have done so far during my journey:

  1. My nieces came to visit me. My injury actually happened as they were driving to see me, BUT I still wanted them with me and wanted to enjoy their company. They were a lot of help and we had a ton of fun.
  2. Went to a conference for my business for a weekend. Why not? We do a lot of sitting and I soaked up a lot of awesome information. Sitting…perfect! 
  3. Went to Okoboji, Iowa for 5 days with my boyfriend’s family. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t water ski, but I made the best of it. I got a great tan and just enjoyed my time with friends!
  4. Went kayaking
  5. Watched movies
  6. Baked
  7. Read a lot of books that are helping me become a better person.
  8. Listened to a lot of CD’s from heros of mine that are helping me become a better person.
  9. Brainstormed some great ideas for my business.
  10. Created goals that I will achieve for my business and personal life.
  11. Painted
  12. Continued education classes for school ( I am a 6th grade teacher).
  13. Continued education classes for my business (way fun!!!).
  14. Went to a wedding and even did some dancing…that was interesting…haha
  15. Went out to lunch with friends… a lot! 
  16. Organized cupboards
  17. Had an entire movie day with my boyfriend. We ordered pizza and just chilled. I loved every minute of it.

If you ever get so lucky to have crutches the following tips may help you:

  1. First and for most…count your blessings…it really could be worse.
  2. Always be positive. Being negative is only going to hurt you mentally and everyone else around you as well. NO ONE is going to want to be around you!
  3. Make sure your crutches are set to where you are comfortable. I had to set mine differently than what the doctor set them at. It just worked better for me. The goal is to keep my cast off the ground and put no pressure on it. So get your crutches set so it makes you as comfortable as possible. They are going to be your companion for awhile:)
  4. Use a back pack to carry things. Even from one room of your house to the next. 
  5. Gals, change your purse to a back pack purse.
  6. Use an electric wheel chair at a department store. Don’t be embarrassed it’s kind of fun:P 
  7. If you live alone, ask for help! I live alone and the only thing I can’t do by myself is carry groceries up to my apartment. Yes, I did say UP to my apartment. I live on the second floor. Nope, no elevator. But, I am a master at the stairs now!!! 
  8. Plastic bags are great for carry things because they have a handle for you! I put boxes or anything that I need to carry to the trash in a plastic bag.
  9. I didn’t do this, but if I had one I would have. Use a small stool in your bathroom to sit on to get ready for the day. That way you are not leaning on one foot for a long period of time.
  10. You can buy a sealed bag to put over your cast so that you can take a shower. I found mine, well actually my boyfriend’s aunt found one for me, at a garage sale!! It was 50 cents and the best gift I have ever received! 
  11. If your skin itches under you cast, I hear that a blow drier on cool setting blown into your cast will stop the itch. 
  12. If you are suppose to rest your injury, DO IT!! This will only make your recovery go quicker.
  13. Eat healthy and take your vitamins. This again is only going to make your recover go quicker.
  14. Take this time to reflect on life and your goals for when you do get back to normal. 
  15. Make sure to ask for help when you need it. People love helping, it makes them feel important too:)

One thing I do question of whether or not I should have done during my injury is working out. As most of you know, I go to Crossfit. NO…my injury was NOT done at Crossfit. I actually don’t know why I tore my Achilles Tendon. It didn’t hurt at all before it happened, it just happened. It couldn’t possibly be because I was a gymnasts and a dancer for 10 + years, or because I ran track in high school or because I am a very active person my entire life….nah it couldn’t be any of those reasons.

Working out during an injury is such a controversial issue. Yes, I do feel that Crossfit has a lot to offer and I could have modified every work out. I personally was a little too nervous about working out in a cast. My body needed to rest and recover and that is what I did. When I get my cast off is when I will slowly work my way back into the gym. It was a personal decision that I made and it actually made me really think about my health in general.  I WILL NOT take working out for granted any more. I miss Crossfit tremendously and the people at my gym! I am very excited to go back and get back at it. I will need to continue to be patient with myself, for I am not going to be able to do everything I use to do before my injury for awhile. But, you mark my word, I will be back to normal in no time! My goal is still to get a ring muscle up. Now I am forced to work only on upper body! Isn’t that funny how my goal for the past year and 1/2 has been to get a ring muscle up, and I have a leg injury that is forcing me to strictly work on upper body. Pretty cool huh! 

So the moral to this blog is…

  1. Always think positive and count your blessings!
  2. Ask for help when need it!
  3. Listen to your own body and what it tells you to do!

Until next time…count your blessings every day!