fear-772516_1280“Don’t look back, you are not going there”

This quote is so true. Everyone has a history… good or bad. However, you are the one that can change your future. Every day is a new day. Just like everyday you make a decision to either continue on your path or change it. 

Changing may take a little courage. Let your friends and family know that you are up for a challenge and want to make some changes in your life. IF they are your true friends….they will support you AND maybe even do it with you. Your family…well…they have no choice but to support you right:) 

Remember that a new day is exactly what it is …a NEW day. Don’t look back and dwell on the past. If you weigh 100 more pounds than you want or 20, it doesn’t matter…keep looking forward.  Set small goals and reach them. Keeping in mind that you will fail! Yep, I know so harsh, but true. We are all human beings and we are meant to fail because ….listen to me…we are made to learn from our mistakes and be stronger because of our mistakes. The more we fail, the more successful we will be.  

Every single one of us has our own fears. Some the same. Some different. Fear is just a thought. Not a true statement. Just a thought we created in our head due to something that has happened in our life. I have a fear of small places while my best friend is afraid of heights. I would love to sky dive one day:) Isn’t it funny how we see other people do what we are afraid of and cringe, but see other people scared of what we are not and chuckle.  Point is that everyone has their own fear and if willing can work on it and over come because it is simply a thought in our mind.

Is your fear of losing weight or getting into better shape have to deal with losing your friends? That is a legit fear. Having an environment that will support your goals is very important. Like I said before, if they are true friends they will support anything you do. 

Is your fear of what kind of person you will be after you lose the weight? In my opinion, the chances are you will feel better about yourself and in return live a happier life and your life will be so much better. 

Just lazy you say, well that’s simple…get off your tush and get after it:) 

My point to this blog, is that you need to look forward at all times in any challenge you have in your life. It will only get you to success:)