Be thankful!


Wow! A lot has been going on since my last blog. Let’s see… where do I begin? I will begin from the beginning…I promise I won’t bore you and it really does relate to a healthy soul:) I use to be in tumbling when I grew up. I loved the sport:) That and dance kept me out of mischief:) When I graduated from high school I was hired as a tumbling teacher in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Loved it there! Then I moved to Waterloo and worked at BlackHawk Gymnastics. Loved it there as well. After a few years of working a real job, I got a side job of teaching tumbling at a dance studio close by. After 10 years with that studio, I decided to focus my efforts on this business. Love doing this, but sure do miss teaching tumbling. Well, my chiropractor has a few kids of her own that wanted some help with some tumbling. Because I missed it so much, I decided to help her little girl out. I only worked with her for a few days. The second day she was so close to getting a back handspring. We were not going to meet for the 3rd day because they were going on vacation. I explained to my chiro that her daughter is so close and that I wanted to work with her before she went on vacation. So I got an opportunity to help her again. She got the back handspring! I was so excited that I jumped up and must have landed on it wrong 😦 This same day, my dad was in town from Vinton, Iowa to visit and my nieces were on their way from Brandon to visit me. I was so disappointed that I hurt myself just by jumping. I just couldn’t be hurt!!! I had people to see and things to do! So I was unable to really walk on my right leg. As soon as I got home I iced it and elevated it. My dad and step mother got to my place as well as my nieces and my sister-in-law. We all just visited while I iced and elevated. There was one really important step that I didn’t think I had to do and that was compression! I really didn’t think it was that bad! I was very blessed that my family was here though to take care of me. It forced us all to sit and visit. It was nice:) Good for the soul I must say:) Then my dad and his wife and my sister-in-law left and my nieces were here to stay until Monday. (We do this every year. My nieces come to visit me for a few days and we just hang out and usually go shopping and just be together.) I was still upset that I was laid up but my two nieces were just awesome. One is going to be a sophmore and the other will be a 7th grader. Both of these girls are just fabulous. They had no problems with just relaxing and hanging out! They got me ice when I needed it and were very helpful. This was all in day 1 of injury:)

Day 2 of injury: I wasn’t moving too fast. I continued to ice it and elevate it. But, of course, why would I compress it.. I mean it wasn’t that bad…right…stupid move on my part I know:( However, it was a good day. We all decided to get some groceries for their stay and get movies and munchies. So that is exactly what we did! It was such a great time. Every time I needed ice they were on it:) Anything I needed…they were on it! No complaints what so ever!! We were having a great time!! Again… good for the soul!

Day 3 of injury: I can walk…like a duck with my injured foot…but I can move. It really didn’t hurt. It was swollen, but I didn’t think that bad. So we ventured out and went shopping. It was a good time. I noticed through out the day though that right above my heal was beginning to bruise. Still didn’t really think anything of it. I was walking and moving and figured it was a part of the healing process. We finished our shopping and had another movie night with me icing and elevating.

Day 4:  We went to the Science Center in Des Moines, Iowa. That too was a lot of fun and good memories. Made paper airplanes to see which of ours could go the farthest. Bundled up an “egg” for the egg drop to see if it would  “break”. Looked at some cool reptiles…I learned that one of my nieces wants a snake for a pet…ewwww. Did some star searching. It was all so much fun. Through out the day I was able to walk a little bit better on my foot. I really thought it was getting better. I was able to walk up  and down the stairs better. The activity I thought was helping it. That night movie night, pizza night and I iced and elevated again.

Day 5: I had to take my nieces back:( Cleaned my place and iced and elevated my leg as well.

Day 6: Iced and elevated. Went to go coach at Crossfit and wow did I get some reactions from my fellow crossfitters. I didn’t work out because I was injured. But, this was the first time since I had hurt my calf and was around adults that knew something about injures. Needless to say, I made an appointment to go to the doctor. And… I began to compress it as well. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t listen to the “rules” of life.

Day 6: Doctor appointment at 7:45 bells! The doctor’s reaction was not good! He said ” Oh wow! That’s not just an ankle sprain, that doesn’t look good.” Well, first of all I never said anything about an ankle sprain when I called in for my apt. I told the lady over the phone that I may have done something to my Achilles tendon. So whether she miss understood or he assumed that I didn’t know what I was talking about and just figured it was an ankle sprain. So… that was interesting. He did some looking around at it and was concerned of some kind of a tear. From wrapping it the night before, the blood had pooled around my bone and then of course in my ankle too. He was concerned that the blood around the bone could be from a fracture on the bone. Therefore, I got an x-ray. He also told me regardless of the x-ray results he is referring me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. Great I thought. I really don’t want surgery. But, they would call me for x-ray results and also for an apt. Off I went to get an x-ray. Waiting for results for an x-ray is nerve racking. However, I learned something though that an x-ray only shows bone structure. It can also show potential signs of ligament tears. When I got the phone call that every thing was ok, I assumed that meant no Achilles tear as well. They wanted me to still see the surgeon to help with the pain ect. I was relieved at that point that I thought I didn’t have an Achilles tear and that I was just going to the surgeon for recover procedures so to speak.

Day 7: Got a call that I am scheduled for 10:15AM the next day to see a Practitioner (all of the doctors are booked) to make sure I don’t have an Achilles Tear! They don’t want to wait any longer in case I did have a tear. What! My heart sank!!!! I was so worried and the last thing I wanted was surgery!

Day 8: At 10:15 AM the Practitioner did some tests on my foot. He said that he was concerned of a small tear. According to the tests that he did, it was only a small tear and probably not a complete rupture. But, he wanted to be sure so he set me up for an MRI. He said we will then determine whether surgery is an option. I have never had an MRI and am very claustrophobic AND surgery…. ughh. MRI was scheduled in three days.

Day 9-11: Basically trying NOT to worry about the MRI and praying that it wasn’t a complete Achilles Rupture and only a small tear if any. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to completely go in the MRI scanner considering it was only my knee.

Day 12: The MRI! I was really, really nervous. When I went to sit down on the bed she said, “So you are having surgery tomorrow?” I said, “WHAT, that is news to me!!!” Once again my heart sank. She said, “Oh, they could have just noted that to get you in quicker.” “I said, yeah maybe.” So that made me nervous too, because the Practitioner must have felt it was pretty bad.  She gave me the low down on how the MRI works and what to expect.  I got to wear head phones and listen to my favorite music. I chose soft jazz to calm my nerves:) I could not move for 40 minutes. Not even a finger. That was pretty hard for me. My dad told me that there would be a lot of loud noises. The nurse also told me that too, but I sure didn’t expect it to be THAT loud. The first loud noise I know I moved…I was startled. However, after that I knew what to expect so it was all good. They took 6 pictures. The nurse said that I did an excellent job (A+ for me:) ). Once all was done, she asked if I had an appointment with the doc after. I said that I didn’t really know what was going on. So she got a hold of the doc and because I was there they just wanted to see me that day. I thought that was great! But, then again I was a little nervous because why would they want me to get in right away. So about an hour later I met my doctor. Very nice guy. He showed me the MRI results. There was a slight tear in the Achilles Tendon. He discussed with me my options of surgery or mobilizing. Due to it being a 7mm tear and me being healthy (I told you it had to do with health) he believed that just mobilizing my lower leg would do the trick. Thank God for health!!! Of course nothing is 100% guaranteed, but after a great discussion I agreed that mobilizing would be the best! So I now have a cast. I have an appointment next week to see how my leg is doing.

What I have learned:

Even though this cast is a pain in the you know what, I am very thankful that it is only a small tear and not worthy of surgery. I am able to still walk and do things. I have learned how to open doors, walk up and down stairs, do laundry, take showers, and just do the littlest things that I take for granted that I could always do easily. I have taken a break from the gym and am focusing on my nutrition. Not that I can’t go and do Crossfit and work on upper body, I have just taken a little break from that to refocus. Life is good:)

I also believe that my good health helped this situation a lot! If I was over weight and not in good health I am positive that I would be looking at surgery right now! God is good!

Until next time… be thankful every day!