Body Reset

Anyone ready for a reset? I sure am….wowzer… usually in the summer I have an opportunity to focus even more on my health, but apparently not this summer (stay tune for that story:P ). I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need a mind and body reset. Maybe you have all figured out by now that I am not the body builder, don’t own my own gym, I am a teacher and working out is not my life but my stress reliever, I promote healthy eating because I know what healthy eating can do for a person, and I know how hard it is to always eat healthy and stay fit, and of all things….I am a realist. I love learning about the latest research on nutrition and health and passing it on to my followers. From what ever I have read and learned, I give advice knowing that YOU will make the decision that is right for YOU! I love motivating others to live a healthy life style and realize that not everyone is perfect. I also know that there are a lot of temptations out there and hope that my blogs will encourage others to believe in themselves to not always fall into the temptations. I believe that for your soul you need to indulge every once in while. I also believe that you can make healthy decisions any where you go for all of your life. In addition, I believe that for some people using good, healthy products will help them to have a healthy start in resetting their bodies. For some people, they don’t need that and just decide to cut all the junk out and that is their restart. I have done both ways! Whole 30 was an amazing experience and I know that it is not meant for a life time, but it definitely will reset your mind and how you look at food. I highly recommend doing whole 30 if you have not already experienced that.  I have done a few other challenges to help me as well. All have worked wonders:) This time I am going to do a little bit of each:) The products shown below are by Body Key from Nutrilite. The Aloe shot is all natural to revitalize your body in a natural way. Prepare your body for a new way of eating. Click here for more information. The Carb Blocker is a life saver. I take these whenever I must indulge in some carbs.  I honestly don’t feel the bloating when I take these. Click here for more information on those. The Slimmetry also helps with fat loss. Click here for more information.




Of course, you always want to exercise and eat healthy when wanting to lose weight that is a given. However, these products will for sure help the process along.

Another point that may help restart, is to get a group together and be accountable to each other. That ALWAYS helps me! Get to the grocery store and stock up only on healthy foods. Set your calendar so that you can make it to the gym. Get plenty of sleep and water and you are golden!

Until next time… get a restart 🙂