Why I supplement…

Another frequently asked question I get is what do I take for supplements and why. Well, here ya go:

1) I first started taking Women’s Pack by Nutrilite for these reasons:

  • They are the most inexpensive, convenient, organic pack for women.
  • This pack has Daily Multi, Cal Mag D Advanced, Complex for your Hair, Skin & Nails, and Ocean Essentials® Balanced Health Omega. I call this the basic pack for women.
  • Personally I liked these vitamins because of being in a convenient pack to be able to take with me in my lunch box. I liked the fact of having a Daily Multi and Ocean Essentials in one pack! The Cal Mag D and the Skin & Nails was just a bonus. In which of course I fell in love with!

Women’s Pack by Nutrilite


2) Then I came across these bad boys. Yes they were more expensive, but I did my research and saw all the benefits I would be getting from Double X vitamins. You definitely get what you pay for. There is nothing wrong with the Women’s Pack if you just want a simple daily vitamin and your ocean essentials with some calcium and beautiful looking hair and skin.  Nothing wrong with that! However, Double X I have found does much more than the Women’s Pack. There are multiple reasons why I take Double X Vitamins. I will limit my reasons to the top 3 reasons why I personally take DBL X vitamins.

Double X Vitamins by Nutrilite



  • I have way more energy…period!!!
  • I have less cravings. I admit I sometimes forget to take them and if you look in my cupboards you will see a bunch of unhealthy foods. As soon as I start taking them again….boom no cravings! Which honestly makes sense. Think about it, these vitamins fill up all those gaps that you are not getting from your daily food intake. Even if you ARE eating 100% paleo and healthy. Our food today is not grown for nutritional value but more for the size and taste.  Even if we eat all organic and grow our own food, we can not eat all the variety of food and nutrients that our body needs in one day.
  • I just notice an over all difference in my mood, attitude, and well-being:)

#3) When I started taking Dble X I was not also taking the Women’s Pack so I also needed to take my Ocean Essentials Balanced Health on the side and I also started taking daily Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables because I don’t eat my fruits and vegetables that I should. That is when I found these: The Perfect Pack! That’s right….they are just that PERFECT! This has EVERYTHING I needed all in one convenient little pouch. The Perfect Pack by Nutrilite has the Double X vitamins, Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables, and my Ocean Essentials Balanced Health. Yep, that’s right …the PERFECT PACK! I really like these a lot. Why the Perfect Pack:

  • Convenient
  • Because I work out, I appreciate this pack having all I need.

#4) I also started taking the Bone Health Pack. I did a little research and came to a scary realization that a lot of adults have very low bone density and how many older adults I see with broken bones etc. So I started taking these for a few reasons:

  • It has Osteo-keeper has patent pending key ingredients to keep calcium in its place.
  • Cal Mag D advanced which has many, many ingredients to keep my bones strong. You can click here to read more.
  • It also has Vitamin D3 2000 IU plus vitamin K2 which the best part about the vitamin K2 is that it helps get calcium from your bloodstream into your bones.  Click here to read more.


Perfect Pack by Nutrilite and Bone Health Pack by Nutrilite




#5) The following are extras that I take for the following reasons:

Glucosamine 7– It has 5- Loxin that is clinically shown to improve joint function and flexibility in one week. I am living proof of this! My knees USE to hurt. Just like my Double X vitamins. When I don’t take these, I feel it in my knees. I highly recommend this vitamin if you have any joint issues at all.

Vitamin C plus extended release– I double up on these when I feel a cold coming on…and boom sniffles are gone:)

Ocean Essentials Balanced Health-  Due to working out so much, I also take extra ocean essentials with my Perfect Pack.

Hair, Skin and Nails– What can I say, I like my nails looking nice:) I also like smooth skin and beautiful hair. But, all the ingredients that make this happen are essential for the body:)

Clear Guard and Echinacea These two put together are amazing for allergies! I can honestly say that I use to have watery eyes really badly! I use to put make-up on and by the time I got to work it would pretty much be rubbed off because it looked like I had basically been crying. These two vitamins did the trick!!

Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables–  I also have Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables in my cupboard for sampling:) That’s why it’s in this picture:)



#6) Working out supplements

Rhodiolla 110 These are the bomb! Want an extra boost in your work out? A quicker recovery time? Maybe just a pick me up at work to keep you awake from a late night. These are a must have:) Seriously, I take these when walking into a tough work out. A- to get me through it and B- to help with muscle recovery!! It works!

Rhodiolla 110



Whey Protein Powder– This protein has everything I need:) Here is a good clip on why Josh Bowmar chooses Nutrilite. Click here for the clip.

Whey Protein Powder by Nutrilite



#7) My Extras

Digestive enzymes- I like pizza every once in awhile and Mexican:) These Digestive Enzymes do not give me the digestive problems that pizza and Mexican does:)

Memory Builder–  When I have a big project coming up or something really important at work I take some of these. Gives my brain some extra blood flow. They have also been said to help with spider veins and I am all over that!

Rhodiola 110– Besides all the above mentioned…I may need these just for those times when I need a little extra boost:)

Carb Blocker 2– When I just want some carbs I take one of these pills! They do make a difference. I do not feel bloated after I eat carbs and take one of these. Research states that Carb Blocker 2 may reduce up to 500 calories being absorbed:) I’m a believer:)







So there ya have it my friends! The supplements I take and the reason why I take them!

Until next time…make your health a priority!