New Year’s goals revisited



Remember January 1st when you wrote down your year goals? How are those goals going? Have you been looking back at them every month?




If yes ~Congratulations! You are now in the 8% and are helping that statistic increase! I am very proud of you!  

Here are some suggestions to challenge yourself:

  • Are you reaching your monthly goals to reach that year end goal? If not, what do you need to change?
  • Are you hitting a plateau? You may need to add in some more protein or some extra good fats. You also may need to change that mind of yours and know that you can lift more weight:)
  • Is there anything you can add to your goals to make you an even healthier person? More vegetables, more water add in vitamins?

If no~Get those goals back out and re-visit them.

The following are frequent reasons why people do not stick with their health goals and what to do about it:

1. Create too big of a goal to accomplish and they just give up.

~ there is nothing wrong with re-writing your goals

~ failure is only the road to success

~ learn from your goal and create a smaller one (you can use that goal for a year end goal or a goal in 6 months)

2. Truly don’t know how to accomplish the goal

~ Hire a health consultant… I would love to help… email me at or find someone who will help you. There are people out there that would love to help you! Find someone who you feel is “healthy” and has done what you want to do. They know how to get there….ask them:)

3. Lazy

~ Well my friends.. this one is all on you! You are the only one that can get your butt off the couch.

~ Read some motivational books. I recommend The Slight Edge or The Magic of Thinking Big. These have nothing to do with how to lose weight but The Slight Edge talks about that single moment in everyone’s life that can make a difference whether it’s weight loss of being a millionaire. The Magic of Thinking Big is just that…thinking BIG rather than the single moment in each second that you may not matter at this moment in time.

~ Be thankful for what you have every day! Be thankful that you have food to enjoy and are able to exercise. Even if you are handicapped you can still exercise. I know a lot of people who are handicapped and perform amazing things!

4. Too busy

~ Honestly…you are not busy! Yes you have a 40+ hour job! Yes you have a family! Yes your life is stressful. Let’s step back and think about this for a minute. Do you know that there are A LOT of people in this world that work more than 40+ hours a week and are healthy! Do you know that these people also have a family of more than 4! How do they do it? They make it a priority that’s how! They know that living a healthy life IS the most important to them and they live their lives with no excuses. Is it easy.. nope not all the time.. is it worth it? I think you know the answer to that question:)

5. I don’t have time to cook.

~ Plan your meals ahead of time and choose a day during the week to make all your meals.

13 paleo freezer meals

Pinterest make ahead meals

Meals by Mindy 

The above are just some suggestions…look on line you will find a lot more:)

Don’t worry if you went back to your bad habits…start over. Now is even better than January 1st because it’s summer and you can get out side and exercise and eat fresh fruit!! Then in January you can revisit your goals and be ahead of everyone else:)

The bottom line… YOU are the only one that can make the choice! Believe that you are worth it!

Until next time… get back after those goals!