obesity in the world today



I saw a picture on Facebook the other day that had a women mannequin wearing a bra and underwear. This mannequin was actually a “normal” size women…in my opinion..for once! She wasn’t a size zero. The comment that made me wonder what this world was coming to is this “This is promoting obesity”. Really? I will tell you what is promoting obesity:

1. Size zero mannequins because young girls want to be that skinning and that’s impossible so they develop eating disorders which in turn creates obesity.

2. Uneducated families about what the world says is healthy. Dairy is NOT the only way to get calcium. Almond milk gives you more calcium than cows milk:) I have done a lot of reading and research on this matter. I am fully convinced that for MOST people dairy is not the best choice to have for calcium. Wheat is also another food that I would be cautious in which to eat a lot.

3. Families are BUSY! The majority of moms and dads work at least 40 hours a week. Families are tired when they get home. The last thing they want to do is cook dinner.  Therefore, a lot of families go the easy way out and go out to eat or choose the easy dinners. Which is normally the processed foods. Which unfortunately leads to obesity sooner or later.

These are just a few reasons why I believe more and more people we see are over weight. But, we can do something about it!

Suggestions of what to do if you would like to live a healthier life:

1. Make the decision to live a healthy life~ Making the decision is 1/2 the battle. It will be much easier to say no to the unhealthy foods once you decide you’re not going to eat it.

2. Start a food log~ I know this is not the most enjoyable thing to do, BUT it will show you what you are eating and how much of it. Especially for those of you who say “But I just don’t know why I am not losing any weight.” WRITE IT DOWN and you may be surprised 🙂

3. Choose a health plan that works for YOU!!!! ~ Any of the following may work for you:

  • Simply cut down on your calories.
  • Take out all processed foods! (Or at least cut down on them).
  • Eat healthy (true way of healthy) 6 days a week and have a free day the 7th day. This means you are honest with yourself and eat no processed foods etc for 6 days and the 7th day eat whatever your heart desires.
  • Start small. Cut out your worst enemy first. If you drink a lot of pop, cut down to only one can a day. If you eat out every day, eat out only 3 days a week rather than 7.

3. EXERCISE!! If you are not already, please start. Especially if you have a desk job and you don’t move around much. You will feel better about yourself and in return have a happier day. This does not mean to go and get a membership at a gym. You can certainly do that if you wish. However, there are so many other ways of getting exercise. Read my blog Top 10 inexpensive summer activities .

4. Get the whole family involved~ Everyone in your family would benefit from living a healthy lifestyle. This way you are not the only one going through this stage.

5. Above all, get rid of your excuses~ excuses will get you no where. Need some motivation? Read this blog🙂

6. Of course you can always email me at health4soul4life@gmail.com and I would love to help you!

Until next time…Choose to live a healthy life style:)