Want to be smart?




Want to be smart? Eat healthy! Sound weird? Well read on…




Eat: Purple fruits and vegetables contain the phytonutrients quercetin, resveratrol, ellagic acid, and many different types of of anthocyanidins and procyanidins.  Fresh picks include grapes, blueberries, boysenberries, eggplant, purple sweet potatoes, plum, beets, and blackberries.

What is phytonutrients: These are natural chemicals found in plants. These natural chemicals fight off fungus, bacteria, bugs and other threats. Phytonutrients are needed in your body to help keep you alive! They may help you prevent diseases and keep your body working properly.

Nutrilite Supplements:

1. Memory Builder:

  • Nutrilite memory blocker is a unique and complementary combination of standardized extracts of Ginkgo biloba and Cistanche tubulosa.
  • Research states that Ginkgo biloba provides 4-6 hours after taking the supplement.
  • Cistanche extract in NUTRILITE MEMORY BUILDER supplement improves memory, focus, and recall in healthy people. It protects and nourishes the brain with optimal blood flow. It also serves an antioxidant function, helping to protect against cell damage, including damage to the brain cells.
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2. Ocean Essentials Balanced Health:

  • Support for normal blood triglycerides and healthy blood flow.
  • Help maintain joint mobility for an active lifestyle.
  • May promote normal brain function and concentration.
  • A special, 6-step process reduces unpleasant side effects common to competitors’ Omega-3 products.
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3.  Veggie 150 Omega:

  • Uses sources other than fish to provide a balanced omega formula to support heart health.
  • Provides a balanced serving of rich microalgae-sourced DHA and ALA from natural flax seed.
  • Helps support memory, learning, and concentration
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Besides the research.. try it for yourself! Have a big test coming up, presentation at work, interview, important meeting and just need to be on your top game? Try Memory Builder. 180 days 100% customer satisfaction. If it doesn’t work…send it back and get your money back:)

Until next time…eat smart, think smart and be smart:)