Being honest here…


Be consistent! Do you really want something to happen? Be consistent! You want to lose weight? What are you doing to make that happen? Sitting on the couch and watching T.V all night, I am sorry is not going to cut it. Do you have a MOTIVE? Do you know WHY you are wanting to lose weight? Are you doing if for YOU or someone else? Are you being HONEST with yourself? Are you making a FOOD LOG to really see what you are putting into your mouth? Do you have someone to answer to that will help you be ACCOUNTABLE?

Don’t create excuses! Don’t blame it on someone else! You are the only one that can change YOU!

Sound harsh? Good 😛 Listen to me now… Do you truly understand that it IS up to you? No matter what your life is like, YOU are the only one that can change your actions and your behavior? Do you REALLY, REALLY understand that? Because until you do, you are not going to get very far. You are always going to create excuses! Do you feel you are not worthy of feeling good about yourself? If not, why not? You are a very special person and every single person on this earth has a purpose and is designed to feel good and look good! That includes YOU! Have you ever thought that maybe the reason why you eat the way you do is because it makes you feel good? If so, then maybe you should start a journal of what is going on in your life and try and work through those. You may just see yourself losing weight before your very eyes:) Or because every one else in the world thinks they know what is best for you? But do you realize that YOU are the only one in your own body and you are the only one that knows what is right for your body. If drinking milk is what is best for you.. then do it! If drinking milk makes you feel like dog dodo then don’t drink it! If paleo is right for you then do it! If doing whole30 is right for you, then do it! If eating healthy for 6 days and having the 7th day a free day works for you.. then do it! If simply cutting down on calories is right for you.. then do it! My point is simple.. FIND what works for YOU and not what works for your neighbor! Quit complaining about your weight and how you feel IF you have done nothing to do about it for a long period of time. Give yourself TIME to lose the weight and make changes! If you tried millions of diets and nothing has worked. Maybe the issue is the word DIET! You are right diets do NOT work! You need a life long nutrition plan! The mind set of a “diet” is not going to help you! Start small but be patient with yourself! Don’t give up after a month, 2 months, or even a year! The more weight you have to lose the more time it is going to take. It wasn’t over night that you gained the weight so why do you think it is going to take an over night sleep to lose it?

Did I get your attention? Good! Don’t mean to be harsh here, but I think many people in this world NEED to throw out the excuses and make a plan of what they are going to do about their weight!

Don’t get me wrong! I think a lot of people do struggle in this world on losing weight! However, I have found that who ever gets rid of their excuses finds success! Every single time…when they realize their excuses and they get rid of them…they succeed…guaranteed! Try it and see what happens!

Until next time… get rid of all your excuses and you will be amazed at your results!