Want Progress?


“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw

This quote really hit home for me. We humans are very predictable. The majority of us DO NOT like change. We like living in comfort. We are afraid to change because we are afraid of the outcome. Even though that outcome could be something even better! What we don’t realize is that we are all born knowing absolutely nothing! Our environment is what molds us , creates our personality, work ethic, character, self-image, morals, friendship, health habits and so much more. What would you be like if you were born in a different family, city, or country? Would you be who you are today? Would you be healthier because you wouldn’t know any better that grilled chicken is better than KFC? Are you already healthy because you were raised that good fats don’t make you fat? Remember, media is not correct either when it comes to healthy eating!! Therefore, if you were raised by watching TV, you may not be as healthy as you think you are. Media believes that whole wheat and dairy are the way to go.  That is not necessarily true. I have found that whole wheat destroys your stomach. You can get more calcium from almond milk than cows milk. But again, this is what we were all raised to believe. You get your calcium from cows milk and whole wheat is at the bottom of the food pyramid (which has changed btw) which means you must eat a ton of it….according to conventional wisdom. Well let me ask you this question…how is that working for you? If you answered, I am doing just fine thanks, I encourage you to read this article about dairy and this about wheat. Both of those articles are good reads from Mark Sisson. After you read those articles, you may want to think about a change. Again, depending on the environment in which you were raised depends on what you think is healthy. If you are not happy with your weight, then CHANGE it! Simple as that. But, in order to change it you must first change your mind set. Once your mind has been set, you are golden! It is less mentally exhausting that when you are offered a snickers you don’t have to go back in forth of whether or not you are going to eat it. Is this going to be your treat for the day? What about if something else comes along that will be better as my treat? So much thinking going on in your head, just know you are going to say no! DONE. THAT’s IT. NOTHING TO IT. CASE CLOSED. Knowing that you are going to work our every day at a particular time. DONE. THAT’S IT. NOTHING TO IT. CASE CLOSED. Making the decision to prep your food for the week. When you get home, it’s there ready to be heated up. DONE. THAT’S IT. NOTHING TO IT. CASE CLOSED. Maybe having a free meal once a week. Knowing that if you eat healthy all week that you will be rewarded with that one meal. DONE. THAT’S IT. NOTHING TO IT. CASE CLOSED. Do what works for you. Just ask yourself this, “Is what I am doing working for me?” If you said yes then keep after it:) If you said no, then first make the decision that you are going to change. Second write it down of what you are going to change. Third start making a list of what you are going to do to change and HOW you are going to change it! You got this! 

Until next time…if a change is needed change your MIND first:)