Suffering from allergies?



This time of year is allergy season! I have found something that really works for me! In the past years, this time of season, I have woken up with headaches, stuffy nose, sinus junk and the list goes on. Also, in the dry of winter, the instant I walk outside my eyes would water. I actually stopped wearing eye liner because by the time I got to work, I had it all rubbed off due to my water eyes:( Well… Nutrilite Clear Guard and Echinacea to the rescue! No joke my friends, this combination works! I could wear make up all through the winter! Before I was pretty much crying. My co-workers would ask me if I was alright when I got to work…that’s how bad it was! With this blend, maybe a little dab of the kleenex on the corner of my eye…maybe! No headaches, no stuffy nose, no sinus junk. Blessing!

If you suffer from allergies, you need to try this combination. Of course, I recommend Nutrilite’s brand because I know that the ingredients are grown, harvested and produced on their own organic farms and are held to the highest standards. You have 180 days to try the any Nutrilite vitamin. It’s a months supply my friends. So if it didn’t work, we send the bottle back and you get your money back! You lose nothing and gain your sanity back!!

Click here and scroll down to echinacea and clear guard to get allergy relief! 

Until next time…be allergy free!