What is your solution to success? Do you realize that everyone in this universe has the ability to be successful in whatever they choose to be successful at? That would include YOU! Do you realize that being successful is not a difficult concept? It is a very simple concept actually. I am going to boil it down to 3 solutions that make sense to me and hope that you can relate too. 

1. Consistency- Can you do something little EACH day to work toward your goal? Commit to that something EACH day. I am not talking about something that takes hours on end and is so overwhelming and nauseating. I am talking do something EACH day for 15, 30, 45 minutes or an hour. Think about it. EACH day you decide NOT to drink that latte in the morning. That is a 15 minute choice (takes about that long to go through the drive-thru or less right?). That is, what 300 calories (or more) you just saved yourself. You do that EACH day for a week. That is….let’s see.. 2100 calories. You do that consistently EACH day the next week. That is ….let’s see…. now 4,200 MORE calories that you USE to consume.  Remember 1 pound of body weight is equal to 3500 calories. Which means, if you chose to not go through the drive-thru EACH day for 2 weeks you have already lost 1 pound of weight…just by simply making a 15 minute decision to not drink a latte each morning.  If you CONSISTENTLY did that for 365 days, you would save yourself 109,500 calories and lose 31 pounds in one year just by deciding to make a 15 minute decision EACH day! 

How about doing 15 minutes of push-ups or sit-ups EACH day for a week, month, a year. Do you think you would get stronger?

I got this thought from John Maxwell. John explained it this way. What if EACH day you picked up an ax every day and chopped at the tree 5 times EACH day. Just 5 times. Not 50. Not 500. Not 5000. Not 5000. Just 5 times EACH day. No matter how big or small that tree is. IT WILL COME DOWN! Guaranteed. It will fall down. It may take a month, a few months or a few years. BUT it will come down! 

Just like with the latte, exercise, and the tree and with everything. If you stay consistent your goal will be met! The time duration may be different ….but met! 

2. Discipline– Ever feel like you just can’t seem to get motivated? Well, let me tell you something, stop trying to motivate yourself! You are not going to get successful strictly from motivation. Success does not take motivation, it takes discipline. Motivation is when you go to an awesome meeting, amazing conference, hear something exciting, or someone excites you about something. Yes, that is great that you get a little fire under you, but it will fade away. Motivation always does. This is where discipline comes in. Discipline is what gets you through the rough patches…not motivation. Discipline is when you want to quit but you take a deep breath and do it even when you don’t want to. Discipline is when you are just so done, but remember why you are doing it in the first place and remember that consistency is everything and you get back at it. Discipline is doing something you don’t want to do knowing that it’s the right thing to do.  Stop trying to find motivation and work on disciplining yourself. Motivation is external. You have to get it from somewhere or someone where discipline is within you. You already have it! No looking anywhere but within your mind and heart. Discipline is when your mind and your heart connect.

3. Commitment– When your mind is made up….I am talking…MADE UP!!  No….”well, maybe..” or “I am thinking about it.” I MEAN….you have decided that this goal is going to be your top priority! Your mind then goes to work on how to accomplish that goal. Your mind becomes more aware of your goal and your surroundings to help you make better choices to help reach your goal. For example, your goal is to go to the gym every day. Your mind goes to work on how to make that happen. On Sunday, you plan out your schedule. You write down when you are going to get your work outs in for the week. A lot of people, find is easier to work out in the morning before their family is up and at ’em. Others find it easier to go directly after work while the kids are still in day care. Some find is easier to go during lunch. Whatever works for you. Find it and stay committed! It may be at a different time for you every day. That’s ok. Just stay committed! Commitment has no room for excuses. Excuses are the route to failure. When your mind is made up and committed excuses will no longer be a threat. 

CONSISTENCY, DISCIPLINE, AND COMMITMENT…when you understand and own those concepts you will own success!

Until next time…create a goal and reach it!