How to relieve stress…



#1- Eat healthy– From personal experience, I know for me, I need to eat healthy in order to reduce the stress in my life. For me this is not eating 100% paleo, more like 80/20. That combination seems to work for me. I also learned that I need to prep my food at the beginning of the week and have all food ready. I am just too busy during the week, or tired when I get home, or just don’t want to cook. I know that if I don’t prep I don’t eat healthy. I also know that I need little snacks around for when I do get the munchies. Maybe fresh strawberries, blueberries, banana and almond butter, apple and almond butter. My new favorite is my enchilada “tortilla” with almond butter spread and a drizzle of honey.

#2- Exercise– I must exercise! I have tried with out, and it doesn’t work for me.  From 7:15 Am- 2:45 PM I am being pulled in many different directions by 6th grade children that I adore. Not only children, but pressures of always doing my very best.  To make sure all 31 students are listening 100% of the time, checking for understanding, being enthusiastic so that they want to hear what I have to say, and the list goes on. Not only the children, but my boss and other factors that go along with teaching 🙂 So yeah, when I get to the gym I like to unplug! My phone is in my bag for 1 hour of the day. I am focusing on only me! Not once do I think of my day! I am constantly thinking about how to better myself in my work out. Encouraging myself (or wishing the work out was over when I was only 1/2 done…lol). I am around amazing people who are fun to be with and have a common interest with me. We talk about the gym and our happy lives. But, yes every once in awhile, the ladies do let me get some school stuff off my chest! Once I go off for a few minutes, then I am good:) We just all get each other! We talk about nutrition, share recipes, talk about our new goals, watch each other achieve goals. We all have weaknesses and strengths and we admire that about each other! It’s pretty cool! Who wouldn’t want to be in that environment for an hour! 

#3- Pray– I am learning very slowly that worrying does nothing. This has been a struggle of mine. I have gotten a lot better at it, but I still do worry. I control what I can and let go what I can’t. Putting trust in God has really lowered my stress level.

#4-Hang out with friends– Take time to hang out with good people! Who are you hanging out with? Do they uplift you? Do they encourage you? Do they inspire you to be a better person?

#5- Take time to be with your family– Whether you have a family of your own or your family is your parents and siblings…whoever. Spend quality time with people you love. Play board games, go for a walk, go shopping, get some tea, sit out on the deck and talk about life. Enjoy each other’s company.

#6- Go on vacation– Everyone needs a little vacation. Either get a way for a day or two this summer and go water skiing with some friends or take a cruise. Or get a baby sitter and go out on the town with your significant other. Take time to refresh yourself!

#7- Think of life differently– If you have been really stressed lately, your job just down right sucks, and you don’t want to go to work every day. Every situation has a positive! I know it can be hard to find, believe me, I have been there! But, there is a positive to every situation. Find it and dwell on that. Also, ask yourself this, “Are you looking for an alternative job?” If you really hate your job, then you should be looking for something else. If you are not, there must be something that is keeping you there that you would rather suffer than look elsewhere. Is it the money? If so, is the money really worth your pain and suffering? If your job is stressing you out that much, maybe you need to look at your financial situation to see what you can sell or take out so that you don’t have to have such a stressful job. I know it is easier said then done, and every situation is different, but…please…if you are really stressed with your job and it is effecting your health and your family then really look at a better solution.

#8-Organize yourself– Here is my list to do on Sunday or Saturday: 

1- Laundry and cook  for the week.

2- Pick my clothes out for the week so I am not wasting time in the morning trying to figure out what I want to wear (sleep is very precious to me).

3- Pack my lunch for the week to take to work with me on Monday.

4. When I change out of my gym clothes I also pack my gym bag for the next day.

#9- Do little chores every day– Disclaimer… I do not do this, but I have heard of people doing this and it works really well for them. Each day do something to clean your house. For example, Monday morning or before you go to bed, clean the toilet, Tuesday dust, Wednesday vacuum. This way you don’t have to spend hours on the weekend cleaning. I like to do it all at one, but this may be something you may be interested in doing!

#10- Your kids and/or significant other can help– You do not have to do everything! Having kids be responsible for little things at a time will help them to grow up to be responsible and to know how to have their own house one day.  Make sure you and your significant other agree on who is doing what around the house. Sometimes we may think that what we are doing is fair, but in reality the other may not agree. 

Take one or all of these ideas to help you become less stressful! 

Until next time…stress be gone!