Time IS in your hands!


The one phrase I hear a lot of people say to me when I ask about their exercise plan is….”I don’t have time”. What I am really hearing is, “help me to make time in my day to make exercise a part of my day.” I have compiled a really good list for you to think about if you are one of these individuals that “don’t have time” to exercise.

1. The first and far most important point I want to make is this….if you don’t make time now then what you are really doing is making time for sickness and in the future you will HAVE to exercise and it WILL cost more money. So you might as well start now and reap the benefit now ….you never know you just may end up liking a new sport or meeting a new friend:)

2. Think of it this way…for 8 plus hours a day, you are letting someone else dictate your day. Whether that be your boss, or customers/clients if you don’t have a boss, or whoever….someone else is telling you what to do. If you are allowing someone else dictate your life for 8 plus hours then take 1 hour out of your day where YOU are getting the opportunity to do something for you!! Arrange for a babysitter for the kids. Ask grandma and grandpa to watch them for an hour. I know when I was little I was all over going over to grandma and grandpas when ever I could!!!

3.  I get it…EVERYONE is busy! I have a full-time job which demands a lot of my energy during the day. I also help people achieve their health goals, run a website, I am an Independent Business Owner, and I am a Crossfit Coach. I also make time for working out! Let me tell you a little story. Last year, about 1/2 way through the school year (I am a teacher for those of you who don’t know) I began to let work take over. I began to plan after school with other teachers, stay late for meetings, and get stuff done that I just couldn’t get done during the day.  I began to put my workout time on the back burner. I could have gotten up at 4:30am to work out, but I am just not a morning person.  When I got home I was just completely exhausted. To top it all off..I STILL was not done with work. I still had papers to check. My nutrition started to go down hill. I began to be even more stressed because I wasn’t exercising and I wasn’t eating healthy. I became grumpy at work. It was just not fun. I even signed up for a competition and didn’t go because I didn’t feel ready for it. Man I felt horrible.  That year I learned a big lesson. I know that for me, I must work out everyday. I decided that I was going to use my time wisely at school. The time that I did have, I make sure to really use it. Checking 5 papers is a start which is 5 less papers that I have to check at home. I use to be an all or none kinda gal. If I can’t get them done in one setting, then I just didn’t start them. Well, I learned to change that mind set. I may not be able to get them all checked at once, but that will just be less time spent at home checking them. I also told my coworkers that I must leave no later than 3:30pm. By contract I can leave at 3:15 pm. So I am not breaking any contract by leaving at 3:30pm. I use to judge my character and my teaching by how late I stayed at school. I use to think “Oh that person stays until 5:00pm every day, they must be a phenomenal teacher.” That is not necessarily the case. Just because a teacher leaves at 3:30pm doesn’t mean that they don’t take a bag of work home with them! I would get some interesting looks at times, because it wasn’t like I had to go get kids from daycare or go to another job. I went to work out. Well to me, working out is my job. It IS important to me. This year, I stayed committed to that promise of mine! There were plenty of times this year where I have been asked to stay after school, but I had to decline! Lately, we have been able to get paid to stay after school too! You know how hard it is to say no to that? But, I know if I start I will get back in the rut of not working out. Money isn’t everything. My health is. I only tell you this story in hopes that you will see that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. If you really want to work out, you will find a way.

4.  Sit down and write out your day hour by hour. From when you wake up, to when you go to sleep. Write down everything you do. What do you do on your lunch? How much time do you have for lunch? When do you get up in the morning? What do you do when you get home? How long are you in front of the TV? How long are you in front of the computer playing games or on FB? Be honest with yourself. Could any of this time be used to exercise? Could you maybe go for a 15 minute walk during lunch every day? Instead of watching your favorite show on the couch could you watch it at the gym walking on a treadmill. Or now-a-days can’t you u-tube it or record it or something? Idk…I don’t watch TV. I will share that story with you in a second. Could you go outside and play ball with your kids? Could you ride your bike to work? A lot of people actually work out in the morning because they know that first thing in the morning nothing will come up. What ever works for you, make it happen! You would be very surprised at how much time you really have in your day when you write it out. 

5. Take the TV out of your house! If you just said, “What the heck” out loud to your computer…then you are definitely guilty of watching too much TV. My view on TV. I do not have time for it. I don’t want my mind filled with negative news morning and night. I have a weather app on my phone if I want to know what the weather is like. You know what the funny thing is? I have not watched TV (well very rarely do I watch TV…Olympics Yes!) and when there is something tragic happening in the world, I will know as soon as I get to work 🙂 If there is bad weather coming, I know because my students are crazy!! Speaking of crazy, one of my students asked me just the other day if I watched a particular show. I said, “No, I don’t watch TV.” You should have seen the look on her face. She kind of chuckled and said, “What? You don’t watch Tv? Then what do you do you?” That right there tells me that she really feels like TV is what people do. Families surely couldn’t go outside and play together, or play board games, or cook dinner together, or in my case have 3 other jobs…I mean come on.. that is just not something people do.  I just smiled and said, “Work out.” She said, “Oh, ok.. makes sense, ” and went on her marry little way.  My point is, I have not watched TV in probably 3 years and I am still alive and well and I know a lot about the world! You have kids you say…well I know a lot of people who don’t let their kids watch TV either because they don’t want their kids to be raised by the characters and the morals that are on TV. I do understand that there are really good shows on TV for both kids and adults. I am just pointing out that TV takes over a lot of american lives. Look at how much TV you watch. Can you replace that with exercise or just family time? 

6.  Bottom line my friends….if you want to make exercise happen, then you have to make it happen! You have to want the will and the desire to make it happen. You are going to have to rearrange your schedule to make it work. If it was rearranging your schedule to meet a friend after school every day for beer and nachos and you would make it work, then you can make this work!!

Until next time….Make YOU a priority!