Is eating paleo wrong?


My thoughts on an article I read from Eat to Perform. It describes paleo in stages. Paleo 1.o is the stage when Cordain and other’s were suggesting that our modern convenience of processed food helped lead us to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. To help prevent these diseases, paleo 1.o suggests to remove dairy, legumes, grains and most processed foods and only eat meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. This, for some people, became a fad diet. In my opinion, anything is a fad diet if you don’t stick to your health change for a life-time! Anyone can lose weight by taking out all the processed food, junk food and insert fruits, vegetables and meat… duh! It is simply how you made YOUR change in your daily nutrition routine. Depending on how the individual accepted the “paleo diet” depends on the person’s success level. For example, as mentioned in the article, some individuals who did the paleo diet were not getting enough calories. Well, unfortunately, a lot of people who start a new nutrition plan….A.K.A. diet… DON’T get enough calories because they think less is better 😦 When you start any new eating plan, you need to make sure you are getting the right amount of all nutrients which brings me to why I like the “New Rules of Paleo” in this article! I will talk more about these later.

I am really digging the Paleo 2.0! The article goes on to explain how, “The problem was that when you eat a high protein, low fat, low carb diet, you’re essentially relying too heavily on stored body fat for energy”, so here-in-lies the problem….those who don’t have any stored fat…athletes. Then the article brings in Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint. If you have not read this book, you need to! It’s a great read about Primal and why it’s an important way of eating. According to Mark, some dairy and as well as supplements like protein powders, vitamins, and digestive enzymes made Sisson’s version of the diet more accessible. Which is what I completely agree with! Most of us are not able to grow, produce and harvest our own food. Therefore, we must rely on supplements:)

The even better part of this article is the Paleo 3.0! Watch out world….here it is… the new and improved paleo version. I absolutely love #4 and #5! Eat at maintenance and don’t be too strict!! It really is ok to have some off the health list foods, just don’t eat the whole dang bucket of ice cream!! If you’re an athlete, you have to eat starches. Athletes ( I am a victim of this myself) are so scared to eat starches. Well, guess what sisters and brothers…you need them to get you through your work out! Try them and see what happens! Good starches of course!

This article is another example of why you need to always keep up on your research and health needs. Not one diet fits all! Find what works for you!

Take the time to read this article written by Eat to Perform. Click here, scroll down to “Good Reads” and click on “Paleo 3.0 (The evolution of the paleo diet)”. You will get some good insight on the paleo diet and how it has evolved and a few tid-bits on what the paleo diet really means and is!

Until next time…paleo or no paleo?