Feeling sluggish?

cat-645084_1280If you feel sluggish all the time, then something is wrong! No one should ever feel like they just don’t want to do anything. What a horrible way to live life! If you truly want to do something about it, then do! You may have a stressful job, stressful home life, don’t have time to exercise (should I say MAKE time to exercise) and the list goes on. The really cool part is this…YOU CAN MAKE THE CHANGE! Start small. Start with your nutrition. Yep, nutrition is the one area that if you really think about it, it is the one area in your life that YOU and ONLY YOU can change. Your job may stress you out, BUT you are the one choosing to allow your job to take over your health! You would be really surprised at how amazing of a morning you can have just by skipping McDonald’s and eating paleo pancakes for breakfast with some almond butter spread atop and maple syrup drizzled over….yummo! Check out my recipes link for more Ridiculously Yummy Recipes.

Here are some other easy ways to get more energy through out your day:

1. Drink more water- Dehydration is an energy killer! Carry water with you at all times and drink it! A little hint for you, if your urine is a dark hue at all, it’s time to sip on some good old H2O!

2.  Get more sleep. If you regularly stay up too late, start heading to bed 15 minutes earlier at a time until you have reached 8 hours of shut-eye! Ban all electronics devices in bed and skip caffeine in the evening.

3. Eat more at breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast is really important to start your day out great! Fill up on lean protein and good fats.

4. Exercise! There is a lot of evidence out there that stats that regular physical activity improves the following: cardiovascular health, muscular health, bone health, and body composition (more muscle, less fat). Exercise can also boost your mood and make you feel more energized!

5. Take a vitamin that you know exactly where it is grown, harvested, and produced! Know what you are putting into your body! Nutrilite is the #1 selling organic vitamin in the world for good reason. They are the only company to grow, harvest and produce their vitamins on their own organic farms with the surrounding farms being organic as well.

Until next time…take care of YOU!