Should you supplement?


If you answer yes to the following then you should consider supplementing:

1. Your diet doesn’t have 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. I mean seriously…do you TRULY get in 5-9 servings a day?

2. You meet the 5-9, but don’t get the wide variety that ensures full health benefits. Buying organic is good indeed, but not 5-9 servings of it.

3. You don’t often have time to make healthy meals. Be honest with yourself what healthy really is.

4. You choose processed “convenience foods” over healthier options.

5. You don’t have the energy during the day, which means you are lacking in your proper nutrition because your body is not getting the minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients it needs to run adequately.

6. You work out. Here me out… when you are working out your body uses up a lot of energy in all areas of your body. Think about it. When you work out your body uses muscles, burns fat, uses the heart, your skin is even working by you sweating to cool your body down, organs are working more due to the blood circulation, your brain is stretched mentally and so much more. When you are not adequately nourishing your body, all of these areas are working extra hard to keep up with the rigor of your work out. Even after your work out, your body is trying to recuperate and with out the correct nutrition your body is working extra hard.  

If you have said yes to any of the above, please choose a healthy organic vitamin.  Do not choose a generic vitamin or those you have done no research. I personally choose Nutrilite vitamins because I have done the research. The product has proven to me over and over again it’s prestige quality with my clients and also with me.  Some success stories are: lower blood pressure, lost 10 pounds in one month doing nothing different with their diet or daily routine, a lot of people say they have a lot more energy, perform better in the gym, better recovery time, better sleep, skin looks and feels better…

Here is a short video clip on why supplements are important.

Fun fact: Quality supplements made from fruits and vegetables harvested at their peak help fill nutritional gaps.  They also prevent environmental factors from reducing  their nutritional value.

Facts: Nutrilite is the #1 selling organic supplement in the world.

Fact: Nutrilite is the only company that has 180 day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Fact: Nutrilite grows, harvests, and produces all their vitamins on organic farms. The farms that surround these farms are also organic.

Fact: You can call Nutrilite and give them a code number that is on the Double x vitamin’s box and from that they can tell you exactly what plot of land your vitamins were produced.

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Until next time…get your fruits and vegetables in…