Recipes for 30 days

recipe-575434_1280 (1)

What an amazing end to our challenge. Today marks the last day of the health4soul4life challenge. Thank you to all of you who participated either through one-on-one contact with me or if you followed my posts and did it by yourself! The measurements are coming in one by one and looking amazing!! A lot of people are just shocked at their end results! It is just so amazing at even changing the littlest thing can make a big difference. I can’t wait to get all the results and share how amazing everyone did and what they thought was the one thing that changed their habit so that YOU can learn from them. Maybe the one thing that worked for them will work for you! Stay tune!

Here is a little treat for you all because you did such a great job through this challenge. Nom Nom Paleo is a really helpful website that has great recipes. I recently just found that on her website she has 30 days of recipes for whole 30.  Even if you are not doing whole 30, these are some great recipes that you can pick and choose what you want! Enjoy! Click here for the awesomeness! Scroll down to Nom Nom Paleo and also check out 30 days for recipes too for some more recipes!

Until next time…enjoy some amazing recipes!