Checking your goals


I would like you to do me a favor:) You have all done such a wonderful job since we started this challenge. I would like you to write down all your accomplishments over the last month and a half. What is it that you really feel in which you have made great strides? What was your motivation? Do you feel better? Are your clothes fitting better? Are you performing better in the gym or in your day to day life? What is your favorite meal? Now, write down if there is anything truly that you need to button up as you finish out the challenge? If you want to bulk and lose body fat, are you eating little cheats here and there?  Are you getting to the gym to bulk those muscles? Are you taking time to recover so you don’t get injured? Are you stretching? 

The most important reason for this challenge, is to teach you how to become a healthier you…what ever that looks like for you! What are you going to do after this challenge is done? You need to sit down and figure this out NOW!  The next two weeks are going to fly by and you need to get this decision made now. Respect your hard work and dedication! My suggestion is that if you did whole 30 now do paleo. If you were doing paleo then continue doing it for that is for sure a life long “diet” you can do and is reasonable. Did you hit your goal? If not, keep going IF it is working. If it is not working, then change it up a little bit and be honest with yourself with why it may not be working. Maybe paleo 80/20 is the right nutrition plan for you. Meaning 80% paleo and 20% cheat. This means that if you eat 4 times a day 7 days a week, which is 28 meals, that means that 22 meals are paleo and about 5 of them are not. An example of this may be that you eat 100% paleo Monday through Saturday and then Sunday is a cheat day. What ever you think works for you. But, also keep in mind that what ever you put into your body is how your body is going to perform. So if you are going to have a cheat day I would strategically place it in your week when you are not going to be competing or anything. 

Always keep your goals in check…always! You should always have a year end goal and from there work on short term goals. Once you have accomplished the short term goal, look back at your year end goal and see what else you need to do to accomplish those. Goals make us a better person!

Until next time… believe in yourself and you will go far!