How to reduce soreness


For some reason, I have had some questions lately about soreness and recovery 🙂 Well do I have the answer for you:)

Here are my recommendations to reduce soreness:

1- Drink water– duh!!! Of course you should always drink your Perfect water🙂  Trace minerals and electrolytes are infused back in and enhanced with oxygen for water that would make Mother Nature jealous – and make your body happy.

2.Eat a proper diet– Protein has amino acids. You need amino acids to gain muscle mass and to reduce stress on your body. Good carbs like yams will reduce stress on your muscles too. Good fats like olive oil will give you the energy you need to get through your work out. Check out my blog about The Zone Diet or Block dieting. You will get a lot of helpful information:)

3. Get plenty of sleep-When you are sleeping your muscles are really working but in a good way. They are repairing and getting ready for the next work out. Plenty meaning at least 8 hours!!

4. Stretch after your workout– This is when your muscles are all warmed up:) When your muscles are warm they have the ability to be “awake” and can stretch easier and thus improve flexibility which in turn will then decrease soreness.

5- Double X vitamins– With the 12 essential vitamins, 10 essential minerals, and 20 plant concentrates for superior antioxidant your soreness will be reduced tremendously!  It was shown to improve blood nutrient levels to provide your cells with the energy they need to support a healthy heart, brain, eyes, skin, bones, and immune system. Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plant on our own organic farms with organic farms surrounding it so no chemicals will drain onto the plants. This is a no brainier peeps:)

6. Ocean Essentials – Fish oil is an anti-inflammatory that will enhance recovery from intense training.

7. Caffeine-NUTRILITE Rhodiola 110 also boasts natural caffeine from green tea extract that, combined with rhodiola rosea, may help promote more vigorous workouts.

8. xs Energy drink– Strawberry xs in particular. It has Essentra® (Clinically proven to enhance cognitive function), WellTrim® (patent power of African mango seed extract that fights stress and promote healthy appetite). All this leads to:

– adapt to stress (your body goes through a lot of stress when working out)

-feel full (bonus)

-Deliver mental clarity (able to focus on the task at hand in the gym)

-Ignite the burn (who doesn’t want to burn fat when working out)

-Propietary blend of herbs, vitamins, key amino acids, and folic acids

– Taurine- Improves enegry metabolism, reduce stress, aids cardio vascular function. It also improves the water content in muscle fibers, reducing muscle damage.

These are just SOME ways of reducing soreness that I have found to be helpful to me personally and to my clients!

Until next time…reduce those sore muscles