Keep at it!

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We are officially 1/2 through our health4soul4life challenge! This is a great time to think back to how far you have come:) Think of all your accomplishments whether it has been cutting out dairy, bread, sugar, wheat, soda, alcohol..or whatever it may be! Congratulate yourself for doing a fantastic job and know that you can continue on!

Before I get into what you should do now that you are almost through your whole 30 and what to do after whole 30… or whatever changes you decided to do for that matter.. I do want to remind you all to EAT!

What you are doing is not a diet! It is a new life-style and a new way of eating. Yes, it is a change and change takes dedication and hard work. If you are hungry and do not have energy, that means you are not eating enough! Eat more protein and more good fats! Also take your double x!! Double x is an amazing vitamin that will fill up those gaps that you just can’t get from the foods that are grown today. “Less cravings” “More energy” “not as sore” are just some of the things my clients have said about this vitamin. 

For those of you who have chosen to do the whole 30 program, you are coming to the point where you need to start introducing dairy, wheat, legumes, gluten to see how your body reacts. February 3rd will be the 30th day. So this is what you need to do:

February 4th -Introduce dairy back into your diet. ONLY FOR ONE DAY. For example, have yogurt for breakfast, maybe a glass of milk for lunch and some ice cream for dessert after dinner. BUT, keep all the rest of your day whole30. Still have your eggs in the morning just add some yogurt or a glass of milk or some form of dairy. 

February 5-6-Keep your day 100% whole 30 and pay attention to how your body is reacting to the dairy:)

February 7 Introduce wheat. ONLY FOR THIS ONE DAY. For example, have a whole wheat bagel for breakfast, a ham sandwich for lunch and some pasta for dinner. But, keep all the rest of your day whole 30.

February 8-9– Keep your day 100% whole 30 and pay attention to how your body is reacting to wheat.

February 10– Introduce legumes. ONLY FOR THIS ONE DAY! For example, have some peanuts on your salad and have some beans with your chili. Keep the rest of your day whole 30.

February 11-12– Keep your day 100% whole 30 and pay attention to how your body reacts to legumes. 

February 13th– Introduce gluten and keep the rest of your day whole 30.

February 14-15– Keep your day 100% whole 30 and see how your body reacts to gluten. 

February 16th – You are officially done with the whole 30 process! What did your body not like? If it reacted bad to anything that you reintroduced… then don’t eat it!! You worked very hard the last 30 days…do not go all out and eat everything in sight! You will get sick because your body is not use to all the toxins! 

What should I do now? I recommend the paleo/primal diet! You have worked so hard to reset your body. Paleo is just one step down from whole 30. You can now have honey, more fruit, some small indulgences, and not worry too much about sulfites, MSG and carrageenan. Paleo is a little less stricked than whole 30. 

If you chose to do paleo or primal…same idea.. keep going for another month! You have made it for 30 days.. why not just keep going! You feel great! You are on top of the world… why ruin it for a piece of cheese cake??? It takes 28 days to form a habit! You are at that point now! Be respectful to your decision that you made a month ago and to your body and don’t go back to your old habits! Keep at it! You got this!

The challenge is for 2 months rather than 30 days for a reason! Hang in there and continue your healthy living!

Until next time…I believe in you!