Tiger Blood


Wow… it has been 21 days since January first and 17 days since the health4soul4life challenge began! Your first week is done! You are over the “This kinda sucks stage”…and the “I just want to give up stage”….and now you are on the “Tiger Blood” stage. This is the stage that is different for every one person. My “Tiger Blood” is the energy I found at the gym. That extra pull-up I can do and the extra ring dip I can now do (yeah me.. ring muscle up next …maybe… hmmm….anyway….). Dallas and Melissa Hartwig say it perfectly It doesn’t mean things are perfect (or even easy), but you’re proving to yourself that you can do this, things are getting better, and you’re seeing improvements (small or large) almost daily.” PLEASE remember that every one is different. Every BODY feels the tiger blood differently. Just like Dallas and Melissa say, “Don’t stress about whether you’re feeling honest-to-goodness “Tiger Blood”—be patient, and be on the lookout for small, gradual improvements to keep you motivated. Slow and steady still wins this race.”  Like I have said through out this challenge, Dallas and Melissa are referring to whole30, but I believe that any time you are detoxing or changing your nutrition you are going through these changes! Hang in there, be patient and believe in yourself!! 

Until next time…let me hear your Tiger Roar!!