Quick snack anyone?


Can you believe it? It is January 19th already! Only 19 days ago some of you made a decision to make a healthier you! Only 14 days ago some of you chose to take the Health4Soul4Life challenge! These last 2 weeks you have made some fantastic decisions and are doing a superb job of keeping with it!  You are taking the time out of your busy schedule to prepare your food so that you can make healthy choices through out your week! Way to go! Some of you may be getting a little tired of preparing your food. BUT… keep doing it for it will become a habit and you will appreciate the pay off! I found a quick snack you may be interested in making. Check it out…Click here to make your own Paleo Beef Jerky!

Keep believing in yourself and pushing forward! Remember that you are the only one that controls your decisions and what goes into your mouth!

Until next time…I believe in you!