Keep and achieve your New Year’s resolution


Happy New Year! A new year is always a great time to reflect on goals achieved and to create new goals. Creating new goals is only a thought unless you take action to achieve each. According to research only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolution.  The other 92% probably either didn’t realize that achieving a goal takes more than just writing it down or didn’t believe in themselves that they could actually achieve the goal. No matter how small or big the goal is….any one can achieve anything…including YOU. Read my blog, “Quit asking for permission,” to get some inspiration if you believe that you are not capable of reaching THAT one goal.

A new year is also a great time to reflect on the previous year’s goals. Think about which goals you have achieved, which goals you still would like to achieve, what worked for you, and what you need to change to reach that one goal and/or a future goal.

I would like to share with you my long term 2014 year end goals not to boast about my accomplishments but to show you that it is possible. Reflecting back to my 2014 year end goals I am very proud to say I have achieved most of them (noticed I said MOST and not all).  As most of you know, I am a big believer in setting goals because the feeling of working towards them can be frustrating, exciting, exhausting, defeating,  but very rewarding in the end. If you go to my “Seeing is Believing …goal setting” blog you can read about how I create my goals and the steps I do to achieve my goals.

I have my goals posted where I can see them everyday. I also break them down each month and post those goals on my mirror and write them on the glass of a picture frame and I have it hanging where I can see it every morning. If you click on the “Seeing is Believing…goal setting” link above you will see an example of how I write my goals.

My Long Term 2014 year end goals:

  • Compete in Crossfit
  • Bar muscle up
  • Ring muscle up
  • Ring Dips
  • Handstand Push-ups
  • Butterfly pull ups
  • Chest to Bar Pull ups
  • Toes To Bar  (efficient and more than 10)
  • Double Unders
  • Mental toughness
  • Bench press more than 95 pounds
  • Dead lift more than 200 pounds
  • Break 105 on Over head squat

Each month I would write down what I could do to reach these goals. First I wanted to work on these skills each time I went to the gym. I also wanted to make my average of going to the gym 4 rather than 3 times a week. I wasn’t for sure how I was going to accomplish all of these skills, but I knew that if I at least worked on them, asked around the gym, and did some researching on each skill I would make progress. That is what I did. Bar muscle up came first! I didn’t know what I was doing. The funny thing was that at the time I accomplished my bar muscle up, I wasn’t even focusing on that skill. I believe that skill came because I was focusing on my ring dips and chest to bar pull ups. Doing CTB (chest to bar pull ups) got me the strength to pull me up higher. My 10 TTB (Toes To Bar) in a row also came with in this time frame too because I  believe my grip and kipping also helped while working on my CTB but also my butterfly pull ups. The CTB and the butterfly pull-ups were also accomplished just simply by working on each. The really exciting part was not only accomplishing a regular hand stand push up, but a lot in a row AND a handstand deficient push-up! That was just craziness! I believe all that came with working on my ring dips. It’s almost that same motion. Now the ring dips are another story. These really frustrated me. Luckily my coach found an article for me to read about ring muscle ups. This article gave me a plan of attack. It was a schedule to go by for ring dips and strict pull ups. This was a 4 week schedule. I have been through this schedule. I followed it pretty faithfully. I can now do 3 good strict pull ups and 2 ring dips in a row. Before I followed this schedule I could barely do one strict pull up and I could only do 1 single ring dip or 10 ring dips but one at a time. I do feel I am much stronger in my ring dips and my strict pull ups. I did compete in the Crossfit Open which was a big step for me. My double unders are a lot better, but I didn’t really work on those I think just by going to the gym made those better. Which brings me to my next thought of just going to the gym has helped me improve in areas I don’t even realize. Just being there and focusing and listening to the coaches and everyone else there. I also believe that writing down my goals and staying after for 15 minutes helped tremendously. I started writing down what I did after class February 1st so that I could see what more I need to do to better my progressions. The only skill that I have not accomplished yet is my ring muscle up. I would like to get it accomplished with in the next month, but if I don’t, I will not quit I will keep working hard until I get it.

Not getting my ring muscle up thus far has been very frustrating to me. However, I will achieve this goal of mine. Yes it has been almost a year. Yes I have been in tears. Yes I feel defeated at times. Yes I feel like I want to quit. Yes others seem to just hop on the rings and just make it look easy and yes I get jealous. Yes others have gotten a ring muscle up before me. Yes people ask me if I got it yet and yes I say no. You know what….No I will not give up just because it has been a year. Look at how much stronger I have gotten in a year! Yes I may cry in frustration, but I just pick myself right back up and move on. No I will not be defeated, what good will that do me? Albert Einstein had many, many failures in life! No I will not quit, are you crazy? The year’s work of work will pay off maybe even today…! Those that hop on the rings and just do one..guess what I do? Watch them and observe how they do it and learn!! When people ask if I have one yet, you know what my response is? No, but I will:) Be confident and know that you can achieve that one goal! Push through it and learn from others!

The day I bench pressed 105 I cried. The day I dead lifted 205 I yelled at the top of my longs with excitement. I was also on the board of top 5 highest power snatches for women in my gym!

These goals were not accomplished with out perseverance, determination, knowledge, and fear. The one goal that I am most afraid of is another competition and not getting a ring muscle up in the near future.

I know that a competition will be really good for me but my fear is what if I am the last one and everyone is staring at me and I just want to quit. I need to get over that fear because I know that fear is only my imagination and something magnificent is waiting behind it. My ring muscle up will come and I know that I will achieve I just need to continue being patient:)

Mental toughness for me was a hard one. I remember my coach telling me a strategy that she used. She said that she goes right from one skill to the next quickly. Then before she knows it, she is already at 5 reps or whatever. I have used and like that strategy. I also only allow 3 deep breathes in between each rep if I am really struggling. Another good thought that I like to use is to think do one more when I think I can’t. That right there in itself builds confidence and strength. Your mind goes before you muscles for sure!!! We can do so much more than what we think we can do. We just have to believe in ourselves!

The purpose of this blog was not to boast about all the accomplishments I have made this year, but to inspire you to create your New You Goals. To understand that it will take effort, determination, and hard work to accomplish each. You may even have to make some adjustments on the way as you learn more about your body and what that actual skill or goal entails. Understand that YOU are worth achieving goals! Follow these simple steps to creating and achieving your New Year’s Healthy Resolution goals:

How to create and achieve New You Goals:

1. Think of goals that will make you a healthier you. For example: Being more active, eating healthier, lifting a certain amount of weight, achieving a certain skill, running an x amount of miles, working out in the morning, working out after work, drinking more water, taking your vitamins, drinking less alcohol, eating less sugar.

2. Write down each goal on a piece of paper.

3. Categorize them from short term to long term. A short term goal is one that you can achieve in about 2 months or so. Where as a long term goal is more like 6 months to a year.  For example, drinking more water or taking vitamins could be a short term goal. Whereas running certain amount of miles or being able to weight lift an x amount of weight is more of a long term goal. 

4. Next to each goal have an action plan to achieve your short term goal. Ask yourself “HOW am I going to achieve this goal? What do I have to do to achieve this goal?” For example, drinking more water you may write down how much you are going to drink before you leave in the morning, before lunch, before you go home, and before bed. Are you going to carry a water bottle with you? Are you going to buy Perfect water that has MBO® which is a proprietary blend of added oxygen molecules and a few other elements that make the water unique. What vitamins are you going to take? If you would like to read about the number one selling organic line of vitamins in the world then read about Nutrilite. Double x is the vitamin that I recommend. It is the queen of all vitamins. Click here to read about how Double X has improved so many lives! Or click here to learn more about the vitamin. When are you going to take your vitamins? During breakfast, during lunch, during dinner? 

5. Next write down your action plan for your long term goal. Again, ask yourself “HOW am I going to achieve this goal? What do I have to do to achieve this goal?” For example, your goal may be to follow a paleo eating plan. What do you need to do to accomplish that goal? Write down what you can do each month to work toward achieving that goal. For example, if it is eating Paleo then maybe the first month you may want to work on just cutting out dairy.  You could then cut out wheat and then sugar etc. What ever works best for you. Maybe you have the personality to go all in. Which means you completely cut out everything that Paleo does not allow. 

6. After you have your goals written down…short term and long term… and you have HOW you are going to achieve each goal, your next step is to post your month goals where you can see them EVERY DAY! Maybe in multiple places. For example, on a note card on the door that you open every day as you leave for the day. Maybe in your car. On the mirror in your bathroom.

7. Revisit both your short term goals and long term goals at the beginning of each new month. How are those goals going? Do you achieve them and if not, why? Do you need to break your long term goal down even further? Do you need to do some research to find out a little bit more on how to achieve that goal? Do you need support from a family member or a friend?

So there you have it my friends…..I hope this blog has inspired you to not only think of goals but to take action and to achieve each!

Until next time…always believe in yourself and know that anything is possible!