Quit asking for permission…


If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission ~Anonymous

Why is it that we always have to have permission from someone, somewhere or somehow in order to achieve great things?  I too am guilty of this. It’s like we are not worthy of being the best we can be and what God wants us to be.  We are scared of what we could be…it’s too much work, people will expect more from me, I want to live in my own little world, I love TV too much to get up and help others or even my family, I don’t want to have to do things with  my children, I don’t want to have to do things with my  significant other….the way I am right now is just fine..I am over weight because I don’t have the desire or need to change and to make me a better person or my family a better person. Do I have your attention now? Little harsh? This is not you at all but you do know deep down that you are not healthy and need to make the change but just don’t have the will power or desire to. You always say….I’ll start tomorrow…well my friend..what if you don’t have tomorrow? Or… I don’t have the will power…guess what..there is no such thing as will power.  It’s called the need to make a change. I guarantee you that most Americans today are around some kind of off limit foods every day. Heck if you have a license and can drive, or drive for that matter, down the street or interstate…you have some kind of fast food staring you in the face on your way to work every day! Then of course when you get to work….whoola …there are donuts just waiting for you! Then at lunch the average American gets about an hour lunch and therefore goes out to eat and let’s face it the cheap food is the fast food or unhealthy foods. Then on the way home from work, you are tired and need a little pick me up. So what do you do, stop at the gas station on the way home from work and pick up a candy bar or some kind of soda drink to get you home. Then you get home and your family is hungry, you’re tired and the easiest thing is to grab a frozen pizza or order in. It’s about 7 o’clock p.m and you are even more stressed because you had to take care of the family and house hold choirs.  You feel you deserve a break (in which you do!) so you sit down with another soda and a cookie. Then you try to go to bed but you can’t because you are so on edge because of your nutritional intake for the day. You finally fall asleep. The alarm goes off..you hit snooze 50 million times. The kids are awake….and need your attention.. and the cycle starts all over again! YOU need to CHANGE this vicious cycle!! YOU need to be a healthy you not only for you but for your family!

Yes, change is not the easiest thing in the world to do… believe me…I get it. It’s all how you look at something. Let’s start at the beginning of your day. What is the first thing you do when you get up? Is it a healthy choice? If not, how can you change it to make it a healthier choice? What do you eat for breakfast? Is that healthy? What can you do to make it a healthy choice? What about on the way to work? Do you stop and get some breakfast? Can you make an egg casserole at home for the week and eat it for breakfast every morning? How long do you wait in line at McDonalds to get your breakfast? 15 minutes? It takes 1 minute to heat up your egg casserole and you will save a ton of money:) You get to work. What is the first thing you do? Get a cup of coffee with creamer? Have you tried making a paleo creamer (click here for Paleo creamer)? What about around 9 or 10 O’clock when you have been sitting at your desk for a few hours or are crazy busy and tired from the night before? Do you go and grab a loaded can of sugar called soda pop? Oh wait…but you drink DIET soda..sorry my friend…. learn why Dr. Walter Wilett says that diet soda and regular soda impedes our desire to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Grab a good old water, coffee (with no sweetener of course) or tea instead! Ok so now we are at lunch. Do you go out to eat every day? Ever thought about saving some money and bringing left overs from dinner the night before? Or if you must go out (a business meeting) then what do you always choose? Fried food? How about a steak or a grilled sandwich with out the bun? Or a delicious salad with lots of veggies and some fresh fruit on the side. Now it’s 2:00 in the afternoon and you are lethargic as all get out and you just need that afternoon soda for the pick me up (which will last you maybe if your lucky 30 minutes). Have you thought of a small cup of coffee or tea? Now you are on your way home. Do you always stop at the gas station? What would happen if you didn’t stop at the gas station…hmmm…save you 5 dollars:) Now you are home. What do you do right away? Is it a healthy choice? What could you do differently?

It’s all up to you my friends! This, of course, is just one scenario that an average American may do in one given day. Think about what your day looks like and how you can make a healthy change. Telling you family and friends that you are surrounded by each day that you are making a healthy change in your life and you need their support, would be great first step. Who and what you are surrounded with is the key to make changes and to be successful! Find a group of people who are going to support you! You may make a new best friend!

I firmly believe that your environment is a huge factor of how successful you become! I also believe that you have to be the stubborn one and make the decision to be the healthy one and others will follow.

I love my family dearly and would not change the way I was raised in a heart beat! I am very thankful that I enjoyed being active in tumbling, dance and track my entire child hood life. My parents supported me through each activity and desired me to do well just as I did internally. I knew that eating healthy was just a bonus to my athletic career. As I get older, and my metabolism slows down a little bit, I continue to make the decision to be a healthier me every single day. No, it’s not the easiest thing to do day in and day out. I too have my slip ups…especially when the weather turns cold, it gets dark so darn early, and all I want to do is stay inside and eat yummy Christmas treats to make me feel better. However, I also know that eating the unhealthy foods makes me feel so lethargic and that is no fun. A healthy me is a better me which keeps me going strong.

The day I heard my 6th grade health teacher say, “if your parents are unhealthy and over weight you are more likely to be.” I told myself that I was not going to be a part of that statistic. That was many moons ago and I have lived up to that promise to myself and will continue to! My mission is to inspire you with something, somewhere and some how in my blogs to get you to realize that you are possible and worth being healthy!

Until next time…make YOU possible and healthy…