Defeat the “cold” this holiday season!



Is the cold running through your office like it is out doors? Are you feeling the effects of the common cold? I would like to share with you an experience I have had with Nutrilite’s vitamin C plus. I take his vitamin C once a day to support a healthy immune system. This Nutrilite vitamin C minimizes waste associated with single, instant-release doses of the vitamin C. It also contains acerola cherry concentrate and ascorbic acid. According to Acerola is a significant source of vitamin C which is the natural form of ascorbic acid.  Vitamin C plays an important role in synthesis of collagen, bone health, skin and blood vessels, and synthesis of brain chemicals involved with mood regulation.  Vitamin A is also found in acerola which is great for visual health, normal growth and ongoing development, red blood cell production and it protects the immune system.

Now, that you know how amazing this vitamin is, let me share with you why I recommend this vitamin.  As noted earlier I take Nutrilite’s vitamin C plus once a day. I was noticing that my sinuses were beginning to clog up, headaches were becoming common, nose was running, mucous was draining in my mouth and from my nose. Every thing seemed to be louder than what it really was (6th graders can really test me on that one:)). Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper.Instead of reaching for the over the counter common cold drug…I chose  Nutrilite’s vitamin C.  I simply doubled up on my intake. I took 2 for about 2 days and what do ya know…I was free of any common cold symptoms!  I literally went from feeling miserable wanting to call in sick to work, not go to the gym, sitting on the couch and eating everything in sight to some how make me feel better to feeling 110% better! This vitamin boosted my immune system with in a few days. It’s safe, organically grown, harvested and produced on organic farms surrounded by organic lands/farms as well. No wonder why it does my body good:) For .37 cents a day you can’t go wrong!! 180 day 100% customer guarantee:) If you order some and it’s not working for you email me at and I will get it taking care of for you:)

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Until next time….don’t be THAT person in the office that is always complaining about having a cold or sinuses issues…take Nutrilite Vitamin C plus to cure that common cold:)