Almond butter vs Peanut butter


Hmmm…which do you prefer? Almond butter or peanut butter? Paleo peeps choose almond butter and this is the reason why…it’s healthier. Almond butter has more magnesium, vitamin E, and iron. Read here to read more about the The Advantages of Almond Butter. Then of course there is Mark Sisson’s point of peanut butter. He sure makes some good points about why NOT to eat the stuff. Some words that scare me enough to not eat a lot of the stuff are words such as : fungal toxins, liver carcinogen, cancers….must I go on… read his article Is Peanut Butter Healthy? and see if you and your family should be eating it on a daily basis. You may just change your mind.


Until next time….step away from the peanut butter!