The queen of vitamins



My goal for this website is to share with my followers any and all research that I found to be of great importance. I also understand that anyone can say they have done “research” to back up their beliefs. With that said, I take it to the next level by asking those who have used the product if they have noticed any changes in their lives.  

I am a firm believer in a multi-vitamin, and sorry, not just the generic pills because you and I both know it does you no good. Yes, you are going to spend some money on a good vitamin. It is just like if you want a pair of pants that are going to last you awhile, a nice car or even as small as a pair of socks. If the product is good quality you are going to pay for the quality. There are things in life that I don’t spend a lot of money on because I don’t need to. For example, I buy the middle of the road paper towels, but good toilet paper :).  I buy inexpensive jewelry but high quality shoes because I am on my feet all day and good shoes are well worth every penny:) I also invest in a good multi-vitamin because I have one body to fuel it appropriately. Having energy and feeling good is simply priceless:)

Now that I am off my soup box…on to the reason for this post. I have found a mult-vitamin that I truly believe has changed my life for the better. I was searching for a quality vitamin that would work for me. I am a teacher, athlete, and have 2 part-time jobs needless to say I needed something that would keep my energy level up, mind sharp and over all good for my health in general. Double X was introduced to me 3 years ago. The first year I simply took the vitamin as directed twice a day. Even though I was a distributor for the company, I didn’t “sell” it necessarily because I wanted to see how it worked for me and others first.

After a year of taking Double X the following is what I experienced:

  • Less cravings for sweets
  • Energy left after a full day with 6th graders, working out, and working my part-time jobs
  • Clearer skin on my face
  • Nails are smooth and shiny
  • Hair has a healthy glow
  • Sleep better at night
  • Feel less stressed
  • Improved performance in the gym tremendously

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what others have experienced from Double X:

  • Not changing a single thing people have reported losing 30 pounds just by taking these vitamins!!! Now that is just crazy!!! This of course is not everyone that takes the vitamins but everyone that has taken the vitamins has reported some amount of weight loss. 
  • Midwives have reported above average tests during pregnancies. 

There is an endless number of benefits Double X has. Click here to read more about how it can increase YOUR health. 

The moral to this post is not to sell you on my double X, but to get you to understand that a quality multivitamin is crucial to overall health. Find one what works for you. Double x sure was the ticket for me and it has been for many, many people. 

Until next time…disclosure…Double X may give you more energy, lose weight, and over-all a healthy you!