Mobility makes you mobile


Let’s talk a little about mobility. Mobility is the ability to move or be moved freely. A lot of athletes put this on the back burner because they have “no time” do deal with mobility stretches. Well, my friends, I have news for you…you need to MAKE time because sooner or later you are going to be forced to make that time because you are injured. The famous Kelly Starrett with suggest that to make an impact you should hold each stretch for 2 minutes. I agree with that, but I also feel that even if you have just 5 minutes then take that opportunity to stretch. It’s not going to hurt you it will only help you!

Shoulders:I have most trouble with my shoulders. This u-tube video shows some really good mobility stretches for the shoulders. Remember that if your shoulder hurts (or any other part of your body for that matter) it’s not just your shoulder in which to focus. For example, I learned that the particular muscle of my shoulder that always hurts I need to stretch other muscles that connect with that muscle.

Lower back:Another example, if you have lower back issues take a lacrosse ball and sit on it with one cheek and roll out your buttocks for 2 minutes.  Switch to your other cheek and roll out that buttocks for 2 more minutes. Take a look at this u-tube video for more guidance.

Hamstrings: Another stretch that I do often is a hamstring stretch which also helps with my lower back. Click on this u-tube video for more details.

The above would take me about 15 -20 minutes. It has been well worth the time! Do the stretches while watching your favorite show, the news or instead of sitting on Facebook (I’m guilty of that one) do stretches for 15 minutes of that time:) You will make it work if you really want it to happen:)

Mobility is very important to an athlete’s success. Please don’t push it to the side. First just take 5 minutes at the end of your work out or before you go to bed. Choose the one most area that could use some love and give it the attention it needs.

Until next time…think of your body as a machine that needs a lot of healthy parts to make it run correctly…