Easy Paleo Breakfast Ideas


Breakfast isn’t just for breakfast ya know….you can always eat a breakfast meal while on a boat watching the sunset:)

Weird, but lately I have been asked if I have any easy breakfast recipes. It’s weird because I usually get random questions, but lately it has been just breakfast. So, I have done some research for ya all:)  Now, I have not tried these yet, but I thought at least I can do some sharing anyway. So enjoy:)

Paleo Breakfast Recipes– from Paleo Porn (crazy name, but all recipes look amazing)

Paleo Porn– Paleo recipes

101 Paleo Breakfast ideas– ONE -HUNDRED- OF -THEM! You are bound to find one that you will like:)

Paleo Grub– These look yummy too, can’t wait to try one! 

A few things to always remember:

1. Pick a new recipe a week:) I like to try new things and my taste buds like different every once in a while.

2. Keep track of your all time favorites

3. It may take you a few tries to get the recipe just right, but just don’t forget to write down what you did differently that made it that much better. 

Until next time…remember breakfast IS the most important part of the day and don’t even think about skipping it:)