Ask yourself…

A quick reminder….

September goal: Make a healthier YOU by cutting down on your favorite non-healthy food!

Ask yourself:

1. Have I cut down? HONESTLY-have I cut down?

2. What healthy foods do I enjoy? Eat more of them:)

3. If I honestly have cut down ask yourself this question: Do I feel better?

4. If you have not cut down ask yourself this question: Do I feel any better? What is the reason behind not cutting back? Why do I feel like I MUST have this food all the time? I am not saying to take this food totally out of your diet for the rest of your life (unless it is something that is making you really unhealthy). I am asking you to cut down on it to make you a healthier person. 

To help try these strategies:

1. Honesty…It’s a virtue 🙂 

2. Enjoy the good foods that you answered to number 2! Eat more of those.

3.  Think: You feel better = others like to be around you= your family enjoys you= your co-workers enjoy you=your body enjoys you!

4.  Small steps= big progress. Take the food out from a meal, then work to a day, then a couple of days, then a week etc. Small steps are big steps. You got this!


Until next time…Stay strong!