Healthy decisions= healthier you!

Make a healthy decision every day that will make you a healthier person∼Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

I saw this quote from my favorite Crossfit gurl evar and it really hit home! I thought it was great advice and wanted to share it with my readers. It goes well with our challenge for the month∼cutting down on our favorite unhealthy food! You may not be completely cutting that particular food out, but simply making a better choice more often is making you a healthier you. My fault is lattes! I enjoy drinking them because they just make me smile. However, I also found that the Pumpkin Spice Latte has also made me smile even more because I know that it is so much better for me than my lattes that I buy at the coffee shop. Always remember that little things add up to a bigger success:) 

Speaking of having little successes lead to a bigger success…as you may have read in another one of my blogs, I make goals for myself each year, month and week.  I post them where I can see them often. One of my year-end goals is to achieve a ring muscle up at Priority Crossfit. To achieve that, I also created mini goals of what I need to do to achieve those lovely things.  One being ring dips.  I have been working on these ring dips or ring muscle up progressions if you will, since January. Most every day I have been at the gym, I have worked on some kind of work to help with the ring dips. Whether it be banded ring dips, handstand push ups, handstand holds, push-ups…whatever. Well, in July I was able to do 10 single ring dips unassisted. However, I don’t think at that time my shoulders completely touched the rings. So I continued working on them. I tried those 10 single ring dips again yesterday and I can honestly say that I can do a ring dip! It took me 9 months to achieve that goal, but the 15 minutes I stayed after became one big success! Now, onto the next mini goal: 10 unassisted ring dips in a row! Then onto the BIG goal…ring muscle ups!

Moral of my story….whether it be food or fitness…little success adds up to bigger success:)

Until next time…keep at your little goals..