A lil’ bit about sugar

Remember that September’s goal is to choose your favorite unhealthy food, snack or beverage and only consume it once a week.  Be honest with yourself and pick something that is going to lead you to a healthier you!

Look at the food label of your chosen favorite unhealthy food. What is one of the first three ingredients? I would bet you a lot of money that sugar is one of the top ingredients if not the top ingredient! The good news ….yeah it taste so darn good…the bad news…it’s the sugar that is making you want to eat more and more of it!

Sugar is one of those foods..actually..I wouldn’t even call it food because there is no nutritional value to it what so ever. I don’t even know how I would classify it. Sugar is the most addicting piece of substance that the world and society is accepting as a treat. When in reality, it is so addicting that Rob Wolf states that it is comparable to heroin. I like how this article explains how sugar can be addicting. It is simply educating us on how sugar can be a determinate to our health. On the other hand, critics suggest that sugar in moderation doesn’t do much harm. Those with diabetes must consume a certain amount of sugar to remain healthy. Which brings me to my next point. Every person is different:) You have to do what is best for your body and what foods make you a healthier you. On that same note, I challenge you to take out sugar for an entire 30 days and see how you feel on the 30th day! Read more about Whole30 and how no sugar in the system benefits the body!

Remember there are a lot of forms of “sugar” out there for example: fructose, glucose, sucrose etc .  Some are what I would say are good sugars that are found in natural foods such as fruits. Honey, maple syrup, date sugar, coconut sugars are all sugars as well. However, ask yourself which ones have health benefits? Sugar or honey? Here is a list of sugars.

Is what you are about to consume make you a healthier you? Does it make your body perform better? Does it give you more energy without any side effects? Is it going to help you live longer and enjoy your family and friends more?

Think about what is going to make a healthier you before you consume unhealthy choices.

Until next time…make a choice to be happy for you and your family!